Episode 55: Plant Medicine, Photonutrients, and the Health Benefits of Eating a Rainbow with Deanna Minich

Episode 55: Plant Medicine, Photonutrients, and the Health Benefits of Eating a Rainbow with Dr. Deanna Minich

Dr. Deanna Minich preaches: Eat a rainbow. Why? There are over 700 carotenoids found in plants – all bioactive, and generally pleotropic (ie: they do more than one thing in the body). We don’t need tons of any single carotenoid, and indeed – if anyone recalls the beta carotene smoker study from the early 2000’s, too much of a single compound could arguably be toxic.


Spelt and The Many Shades of Gluten Reactivity

Dr. Elke Cooke, one of the bright-light participants in our current Professional Education cohort, called our attention to spelt. As Dr. Cooke argued, even though it does contain some types of gluten proteins, spelt may in fact be an option for some gluten-reactive individuals. Read on to find out why, and how to go about determining gluten-reactive individuals who may potentially be able to tolerate spelt.

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Episode 54: SPONSORED Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Dr. Robert Rountree shares his Expertise (and Powerpoint!)

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is an urgent, often unrecognized concern. It’s the hepatic pandemic of the 21stcentury, and there is NO approved pharmaceutical therapy (the race is on, however…). Fortunately for us, there is MUCH we can do in functional medicine – indeed, our toolkit is powerfully effective in turning around NAFLD and even NASH – the next step progression.