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Research and News May 2019

Alpha-Gal Red Meat Allergy from Tick Bites More Likely Than Previously Thought
Cytomegalovirus Activates Airway Immune Cells to React to Environmental Allergens
Harvard Scientists Highlight Metabolic Disruption from Propionate, a Food Additive
Teasing Out Mechanisms by Which Skin Barrier Breakdown Contributes to Food Allergy
More Evidence for Time-Restricted Eating
Food-Sourced Nutrients are Better than Supplements

Health Intelligence

Health Intelligence – The Future of Healthcare

Imagine the day when you and your patient can view their health metrics on one digital platform. The day when one-dimensional testing – blood, genetics, and microbiome – are combined to provide a whole-body health picture – both inside and out. A day when all this testing is done through user-friendly, affordable, at-home test kits that offer the most advanced analytical technology. Well, that day is here.