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Teach-In: Vaccines – Dr. Heather Zwickey Joins Us to Discuss the Latest in Vaccine Development, Efficacy, Preparation and Detox

Dr. Heather Zwickey joined us in July for a Teach-In webinar on Vaccine development, efficacy, preparation and detox. During her session, she lays out the history of vaccine development, details the mechanism of action of different vaccines, and discusses COVID-19 vaccines in development. She goes on to discuss how to maximize vaccine safety and effectiveness…

Early Cytokine Signatures Predict COVID Severity and May Guide Interventions

According to this new Nature paper, those with severe COVID are spiking higher cytokine signatures early on. This would suggest value in testing, including possibly IFN-gamma (see below), and addressing it early through anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle, as well as targeted anti-inflammatory nutraceutical interventions. This is, of course, a ‘standard’ approach used in Functional Medicine,…

New Data on Effects of Ketogenic Diet in Breast Cancer

This is an important new trial providing for the use of ketogenic diets in certain cancers, coauthored by our valued colleagues Dr. Thomas Seyfried and Miriam Kalamian. This randomized, controlled trial of 60 patients with locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer and planned chemotherapy found that those receiving the 12-week ketogenic diet intervention experienced a…

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Understanding Genetics of Aging with Harvard Professor Dr. David Sinclair

Harvard scientist and NYT best-selling author David Sinclair, PhD and I take a tour around the science of aging. If aging is THE root cause of all of the chronic diseases of aging, then arguably, if we focus on the aging journey itself, we might be able to stop playing “whack-a-mole medicine.” A lot of complex environmental, genetic, epigenetic and biochemical processes go into the aging journey, however, as Dr. Sinclair discusses, it looks like a very heavy lifter in aging is epigenetic changes – specifically, DNA methylation and demethylation (plus histone acetylation). In this episode of New Frontiers, learn about the amazing research going on at Dr. Sinclair’s lab, hear what’s getting translated to humans, and what you can do NOW to stop the epigenetic clock from ticking…. Listen and learn, leave us a 5 star review if you’d be so kind, and be sure to share with your colleagues! ~DrKF