The Best of the Best – 2017 Edition

Happy almost new year folks! We are recapping on the absolute best and most popular content from the last 12 months. This covers all three primary sections on our site including content from our Professional Blog, our Consumer Blog, and…

Clinician Position for SHC

Research and News December 2017

Imagine if healthcare companies took over farms instead of pharmacies More evidence for probiotic use in RA, but misses the full FxMed approach Endocrine disrupting chemicals and increased diabetes risk Aluminum in the brains of autistic children – small study…

Cauliflower Tabbouleh

Cauliflower Tabbouleh

This is one of our favorite cleansing recipes from our 6-day online healthRESET detox program. Cauliflower makes an amazing substitute for regular bulgur wheat, allowing this recipe to stay gluten-free, and high in beneficial phytonutrients. Cauliflowers are cruciferous vegetables that contain…

Clinician Position for SHC

Research and News November 2017

Acetaminophen use before and during pregnancy increases ADHD risk 21 percent rise in peanut allergy since 2010, black children have double the risk Oral Allergy Syndrome Associated with Eosinophilic Esophagitis Excess B vitamins aren’t ‘harmlessly peed out’ Any regular alcohol…

Carrot Puree

Coconut Carrot Puree

This Coconut Carrot Puree is a sure crowd pleaser – the natural sweetness of the carrots, melded with cinnamon, is too hard to resist. And carrots are one of the most economical vegetables so your wallet will be happy too!


Roasted Cabbage Slices

Any kind of oil-cooked cabbage disappears pretty fast in our house. Often I like to finely shred the cabbage and saute it with oil and sea salt until it’s just given in and wilted a little.

Thanksgiving Stuffing

This nutty-fruity Thanksgiving stuffing comes together quickly. Everything goes from the food processor into the baking dish, and to the oven without any fuss.

Vegan Roasted Banana Ice Cream

Vegan Roasted Banana Ice Cream

There are moments when we all need a little treat. This recipe hits the spot and is healthy to boot. Fancy enough to serve at a gathering or special occasion, but simple enough to keep to yourself too!

Clinician Position for SHC

Research and News October 2017

Inability to smell peppermint? A clue to early-stage dementia Fluoride and reduced IQ – more, compelling data Nail in the coffin for high carb diets? Large Lancet study says so. Why caloric restriction extends lifespan – the EPIGENETIC key Broccoli…