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The Sugar Scourge

When I was a youngin’ in my early 20’s, the low fat craze was gaining some serious traction. I imprinted hard on the concept. In fact, I specifically remember going to the grocery store with “low fat” in mind and…

Cell Phones: Use them, but from a distance.

In 2011, WHO categorized cell phone radiation as a possible carcinogen—with good reason. If you’re not using a head set or speaker setting with your phone, it’s time to switch. Seriously. And don’t carry your phone in your pocket- or…

Cashew Mayo

If you’re dairy-free or egg-free, you’re going to love this. This is a versatile, creamy-smooth dressing that suits many applications. Use it as is instead of mayo (in fact, we like to call it “nayo”), or add more liquid for…

The Variable Calcium Content in Leafy Greens

The Variable Calcium Content in Leafy Greens

Just today I was reviewing a nutrient intake evaluation with a patient of our clinic, let’s call her Trish, who is on (among other things) a dairy-free Food Plan. Since we are sometimes implementing relatively complex elimination diets in our…

Organic Sugar Body Scrub

  As a nutritionist, I’m normally cautioning people against sugar, but this is one use that I can fully endorse! I’ve made many batches of this super-easy-to-make scrub in the past, and my latest this morning was with peppermint –…

Safe Soil for Your Home-Grown Veggies

When we moved from our tiny New York City apartment out to the ‘burbs’ some nine years ago now, I rubbed my hands with glee. No longer was I constrained for veggie-growing locations (growing food was something I’d longed to…

Cass Nelson-Dooley, MS

Comparing the Oral and Colon Microbiomes-Abstract

Commentary From Cass Nelson-Dooley (Podcast on Oral Microbiome): This a great study about the Human Microbiome Project comparing microbes through ALL points of the GI tract. It revealed some interesting things about normal, healthy subjects. For instance, they have oral…