The 12 biological hallmarks of aging viewed through a functional medicine and functional longevity lens

In the fields of functional medicine, functional longevity and epigenetics, research is moving quickly – and so spending time delving into the scientific literature and discussing new findings with other experts in the field is essential. Last month, a new paper landed on my desk, published in the leading journal Cell. It lays out a…

Recognizing Early Signs of Celiac Disease: Mouth Sores, Burning Tongue and More

What oral health can tell us about gluten reactivity Can discolored teeth, canker sores, and geographic tongue be caused by reactions to gluten? We know that the second largest and most diverse microbiome is found in the oral cavity and that poor oral health is associated with multiple conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. Should we…


Best of 2022 in Functional Medicine and Longevity

This might just have been our most exciting year yet here at Dr. Kara Fitzgerald! With the launch of three books through major publishing houses, authored by my team and myself, we have barely had a moment to touch ground. Yet, delivering high value content in the functional medicine and longevity space, across all channels,…

The Protein Magic Formula

How Much Should We Eat For Optimal Health & Longevity? Plus my thoughts on combining with Younger You epinutrient targets   About a month ago, I podcasted with Valter Longo, PhD, a highly respected scientist and director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California. Of course, our conversation hit on protein, something…

Faceless shot of man lifting heavy kettlebell while working out in gym.

Testosterone Therapy in Males with Testosterone Deficiency (TD): Debunking the Myths

Since my last writing, I have continued my studies on female hormones and hormone replacement therapy and I have dug deep into the male literature on testosterone (T) and testosterone therapy (TTh). Similar to my quest to learn everything about female hormones and hormone therapy, the same holds true for testosterone and TTh in males.

Medical concept with doctor, stethoscope and heart

Going Beyond Cholesterol Testing to Enhance Heart Health

Cardiovascular conditions are one of the most common disorders of modern times. Testing for cholesterol as a potential modifiable risk factor for heart disease is a common part of many functional medicine providers’ clinical practices. Recently, at Rupa Health we wrote about the latest innovations in cholesterol testing such as measuring ApoB-containing lipoproteins and genetic differences in intracellular cholesterol production or gut absorption. In this article we will go beyond cholesterol to discuss the other critical tests for heart health.

Epinutrients – The Secret Ingredient That Makes Food Your Medicine

Have you heard about epinutrients? Surprisingly, they’re barely mentioned in research papers and yet they are potent epigenetic regulators (i.e. they control how our genes are expressed). And I think it’s time to shine some light on these longevity superstars. But first, have you ever wondered why food has such powerful effects on our health…