Testosterone Therapy: Latest Evidence and Clinical Applications with Dr. Doreen Saltiel

Testosterone Therapy: Latest Evidence and Clinical Applications with Dr. Doreen Saltiel

Hormone therapy is still a highly controversial topic, fraught with lots of emotion, fear, and misleading information. And let me tell you: am I glad to be having a deep dive into the literature with my colleague and friend, the very brilliant Dr. Doreen Saltiel from Precision Analytical. She’s been practicing medicine for 40 years and preventative cardiology for more than 25 years. With advanced training in endocrinology as well as metabolic, anti-aging, and nutritional medicine, Dr. Saltiel is a leading expert on male and female hormone health. In this episode of New Frontiers, she brings her talent of dissecting the scientific evidence on testosterone deficiency and shares excellent clinical pearls to guide both physicians and patients in making decisions around hormone therapy. Folks, you’ll want to bookmark this one and save the show notes. Thanks for reading, sharing, and commenting!

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The Role of Genetic Codes in Child Behavior with Dr. Danielle Dick

Folks, in this exciting episode of New Frontiers we touch upon topics very close to my heart – genetics, epigenetics, kids, and why the heck they are so hard to raise! Brilliant professor of psychology and research scientist Dr. Danielle Dick shares guilt-banish parenting strategies and her incredibly liberating research findings on genetics, temperaments, and child development. As an award-winning expert with over 350 scientific publications, Dr. Dick does an excellent job dispelling some deeply rooted parenting myths and provides evidence-based approaches on understanding children and supporting their development. I can’t wait to get my hands on her new book The Child Code which contains many awesome resources and practical tips, including questionnaires to understand kids’ temperament and their genetically-influenced dispositions. To all the parents and caregivers out there – this one’s for you! Please share and leave a review to let me know what you think! ~ DrKF

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Psychedelics: Latest Research & Clinical Applications with Dr. Anthony Bossis

Interest in therapeutic use of psychedelics has grown exponentially in recent years. And with recent studies showing these miraculous molecules help with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, is it any wonder the p-word is on everyone’s lips? In this unique episode of New Frontiers, the fantastic Dr. Austin Perlmutter guest hosts and interviews renowned psychedelics researcher Dr. Anthony Bossis, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at NYU and the NYU Center for Psychedelic Medicine. With decades of experience in psychedelic and palliative care research, Dr. Bossis shares an evidence-based deep dialogue on meaning-making, spirituality, and end-of-life care.

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How to Fix the Vascular Health Crisis: The Endothelial Glycocalyx

We are living in times of great medical discoveries and advancements and today I am thrilled to talk about a relatively unknown structure: the endothelial glycocalyx (EGX). EGX can profoundly affect overall health – after all, you can’t have healthy organs and tissues if blood vessels are not healthy. Today on New Frontiers, I am joined by Dr. Kristine Burke a board-certified family, sports and functional medicine physician, and medical director for Help Your Diabetes Sacramento, where we discuss the full breadth of EGX functions and why it’s critical for cardiovascular health and so much more. Dr. Burke shares her exciting clinical experience and impressive findings from her case study series using Arterosil for plaque regression in some of her toughest patients. It’s a fascinating and enlightening conversation, so tune in and get ready to take some notes! Thanks for listening, and your support of New Frontiers.

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Immune Resilience: How the Microbiome Affects Immunity with Romilly Hodges

With an ongoing pandemic that doesn’t abate, is it any wonder immune health is on everyone’s mind? As we adapt to these unprecedented times, the interest in supporting immunity has skyrocketed. So, I couldn’t wait to interview my dear friend and long-term colleague, Romilly Hodges. With her new book Immune Resilience just published, I’m thrilled to share Romilly’s exciting pearls on immune health on New Frontiers. You may know Rom from her time as Nutrition Programs Director at our clinic and her work on our Methylation Diet & Lifestyle program. Romilly is all that, and so much more: also a CNS, IFMCP, and vastly published author in several peer-reviewed journals.

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Latest Insights into the Role of the Gut Microbiome in Healthy Aging

Folks, I’m thrilled to be back once again with my friend and colleague, Dr. Tom Fabian, functional nutrition practitioner whose training originates in molecular biology of aging. Together with his training and experience as the clinical laboratory consultant for Diagnostic Solutions Lab, Dr. Fabian shares a wealth of practical applications for microbiome research in functional medicine and clinical settings. We also explore key microbial species for longevity and how to boost their levels, inflammaging of the microbiota, often-missed leaky gut clues on GI-MAP reports, the small intestine as a key site for immune tolerance, how microbiota influence epigenetics and much more. It’s truly exciting to learn from his extensive research expertise in the role of human microbiome and health, chronic disease and aging, so make sure you get ready to take notes and bookmark this page – you’ll want to come back for more! Thanks for listening, and leave us a review wherever you listen to New Frontiers! ~DrKF

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The Role of the Downstate for Sleep, Restoration and Longevity with Dr. Sara Mednick

Sleep – we spend a third of our lives doing it, we know it is a powerful longevity tools, yet we continue to skimp on it. I know from personal experience – improving my sleep after struggling for years was a total game-changer. And in this episode of New Frontiers, I’m joined by Dr. Sara Mednick, world-renowned sleep scientist, professor of psychology at the University of California, and director of the Sleep and Cognition Lab to discuss her exciting research findings and new lexicon for understanding stress.

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The Story Behind Younger You 3YY: from Clinical Trial to Accessible Digital Program

Reversing biological age by just one year can save $38 trillion of public health funding. Read that again. $38 TRILLION. And by now, you probably know in my new Younger You book, I walk through exactly how to reverse your biological age by over three years through nutrition and lifestyle. But writing a book is not enough, and I’m really excited to bring an easy-to-follow digital program accessible from anywhere in the world. And I couldn’t have done it without Suggestic, the innovative health tech company powering the 3YY digital program. In this episode of New Frontiers, I share the ins and outs of this turnkey digital program with the potential to revolutionize personalized nutrition delivery and optimize health at scale.

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Epigenetics, SNPs, and Aging with Dr. Jeff Bland

Folks, I am just honored, thrilled, excited to be talking to my dear mentor and friend Dr. Jeff Bland on this episode of New Frontiers in Functional Medicine. Not only is Dr. Bland the father of functional medicine, but he’s also the founder of Big Bold Health, a company whose mission is to enhance immunity at the global level through rediscovery of ancient food crops and superfoods which support immuno-rejuvenation. Join me as I pick his brain on genetics, aging, SNPs, DNA repair, and senolytics, and find out why your genes are not a death certificate but rather a ‘uniqueness certificate’ that requires specific approaches. You won’t want to miss this in-depth conversation! Listen, learn, and if you would be so kind, leave a review on iTunes or wherever you hear my voice. Thank you! ~DrKF

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Ketogenic Diet, Epigenetics, and Chronic Conditions with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino

Exactly a hundred years ago, in 1921, the ketogenic diet was developed, and yet we are still discovering its many benefits, including its positive effects on the epigenome. How fascinating is that? In this episode of New Frontiers, I’m thrilled to have renowned nutrigenomics researcher and fellow epigenetics aficionado Dr. Lucia Aronica interview one of the world’s top experts on the ketogenic diet – Dominic D’Agostino. Dom is also a neuroscientist, accomplished researcher, and associate professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology at the University of Florida.