Measuring Metabolites of Dysbiosis and Gut Function to Create Targeted Interventions

Measuring Metabolites of Dysbiosis and Gut Function to Create Targeted Interventions

As we gain insight into microbiome impact on our health, we need accurate tests that tell us not only what and how much is there, but also which metabolites, or post-biotics created that can have downstream effects. So today I’m thrilled to welcome the brilliant Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle from Ixcela Labs to discuss their metabolomic testing that can do just that. We’ll discuss the 11 key markers, the value of a blood sample over urine, and the impact of endurance sports and chronic stress on health markers as revealed by the test. And we also chat about my own results, how impressed I was by the insight provided – and how they clearly identified changes I could make to improve my markers. Listen and take notes — I know I did! ~DrKF

Sergey Young’s Technological Innovations for Longevity and Biological Age Reversal

Sergey Young’s Technological Innovations for Longevity and Biological Age Reversal

Buckle up everybody, because this conversation is a big tour de force of where we are headed in regards to longevity and innovative technology within healthcare. I am joined by my friend, longevity investor and visionary, Sergey Young, to discuss his incredibly important mission of extending healthy lifespans of at least one billion people using technological breakthroughs AND by making longevity affordable and accessible. Sergey is a top 100 longevity leader and one of the co-creators of AGE REVERSAL XPRIZE, a global competition designed to cure aging. Today’s conversation looks at the fundamental issue of healthcare inequality, the democratization of access to healthcare, and dives into the current paradigm shift of using technology for disease prevention and reversal of biological aging. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as I did, and be wowed by the work of Sergey Young. ~DrKF

Disrupting Anti-Aging Skincare by Targeting Senescent Cells

Disrupting Anti-Aging Skincare by Targeting Senescent Cells

Imagine accurately determining the status of your skin’s age to tell whether it is younger or older than your chronological age, and then use this technology to determine whether expensive anti-aging serums and creams are effective, or actually causing more harm than good. Amazing, right? This is precisely the technology today’s guest, Dr. Carolina Reis and her fellow stem cell biologists at OneSkin created. I think you will find this interview fascinating on so many levels – I know I sure did! After creating their skin clock, the OneSkin team discovered peptide OS1, which targets senescent cells, one of the root mechanisms of aging, and is being shown in current studies to have a positive effect on hydration, firmness, elasticity, and the skin barrier. Listen as Dr. Reis explains the science and ongoing studies exploring the possible benefits of OS1 for the skin microbiome, hair loss, inflammation, and overall health. ~DrKF

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Advances in Curcumin Bioavailability and Improved Absorption for Patients

The therapeutic value of curcumin makes it a fabulous recommendation as both a foundational and medicinal supplement. And since finding a preparation that is bioavailable is key to efficacy, affordability, and patient compliance, I’m excited to have Dr. Sonia Malani (on behalf of Integrative Therapeutics) here to talk about the latest advances in curcumin deliverability and why it matters. Join us as Dr. Malani breaks down the progress of curcumin deliverability and the keys to bioavailability in a way that is simple to understand and easy to pass on to our patients in order to help them move away from the ineffective brands that are currently lining the shelves of local markets so they get the therapeutic influence we are hoping for. I know you’ll enjoy this curcumin talk, and learn a ton from this latest research. Thanks for listening! ~DrKF

Evaluating Hormonal Dysfunction and Infertility with DUTCH Testing

If you’ve followed my show for some time, you’ve probably come across the wealth of conversations I’ve had with the team at Precision Analytical about their DUTCH hormone tests – this is an ever-evolving topic that continues to pique my interest as a clinician looking to level up my toolkit. In today’s show, I’m pleased to dive into some of my favorite topics of fertility, menopause, and HPA function with Dr. Jaclyn Smeaton, ND. She’s the chief medical officer at Precision Analytical, and a naturopathic physician who specializes in reproductive endocrinology and hormones. Today’s conversation is all about the latest research on hormone testing, some of our favorite interventions to address hormone imbalances and much more as you consider the best testing options for your patients. This is an incredibly useful conversation so make sure to tune in! ~DrKF

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Optimize Women’s Exercise According to Hormone Levels, with Dr. Stacy Sims

Today we are taking on a revolutionary and provocative topic that can be quite liberating for women – a deep dive into how to optimize exercise training and performance from the perspective of pre/peri/or post-menopausal. This topic is of great importance to me as a cyclist, and I have to say, there’s a lot of nuance in the way we women should approach training depending on our hormones. My guest Dr. Stacy Sims is a huge talent and tremendous gift — listen as we discuss why women need to train differently than men, including specifics about protein intake, fasting, hormone replacement therapy, and what types of training are best depending on where you are in your cycle. Grab a pen, you’re going to want to take notes! ~DrKF

Addressing Long-COVID: Data-Driven Learning Model for Practitioners and Patients

As we find ourselves entering this fourth year since the world was first gripped by COVID-19, on an individual and practice level many of us are still grappling with its post-viral after-effects (long COVID). Drs Patrick Hanaway and Kara Parker, as well as my long-time mentor and former IFM CEO Laurie Hofmann, join me on this podcast to share the important work they have been doing in building practitioner tools and training to address this ongoing challenge (check out the links in the show notes). I just really appreciate their doable, data-driven, and continuous-learning approach, as I’m sure you will too. And if you’re working with COVID-19/long COVID patients (as all of us do, or will, at some point), you’ll want to familiarize yourself with their patient registry so that you too can be part of that essential data collection. – DrKF

The Role of NAD+ in Aging, Chronic Disease, and Epigenetics with Dr. Nichola Conlon

New Frontiers in Functional Medicine® Podcast Sponsors Dr. Kara Fitzgerald is eternally grateful to our sponsors who, by blogging, podcasting and advertising with us, enable me and my team to devote energy and time to writing and publication. The Role of NAD+ in Aging, Chronic Disease, and Epigenetics with Dr. Nichola Conlon New Frontiers…

Gut Healing in Aging & Disease: Emerging Roles of the Microbiome and Diet in Intestinal Barrier Regeneration with Tom Fabian, PhD, CNTP

If you’re a practitioner looking to level up your toolkit for regenerating the intestinal barrier and healing the gut, then this interview with Dr. Tom Fabian, PhD is exactly what you need. This fundamental piece of our functional medicine toolkit continues to progress, and today we’re zooming way out from just patching up the gut. Dr. Fabian and I dive into the dynamic nature of the barrier, including its circadian cycle, the role of prebiotics, polyphenols, probiotics, and postbiotics in epithelial regeneration and stem cell proliferation, and useful clinical pearls to assess barrier function using the GI-MAP stool test. So glad to have Tom back on New Frontiers, and Im sure you will be too! Let me know what you think! ~DrKF

Reframing Microbiome Support for Functionality, with Dr. Heather Zwickey

I first met Dr. Heather Zwickey when she was my immunology professor in medical school and made sure to stay in touch with her ever since. Her command of the microbiome literature is frankly unparalleled – and I can always learn more from her and this podcast proves it. Join me in this New Frontiers conversation about the latest perspectives on the microbiome, and a great discussion of all things pre/post and parabiotics. We also get into the rise in autoimmunity conditions post-Covid and ways one can mitigate the risks of these conditions. Smart, timely, and always engaging – I know you’ll think so too. ~DrKF