Optimizing Mitochondrial Health with Urolithin A, with Dr. Anurag Singh

I always appreciate talking to companies who heavily invest their time and dollars into preclinical and clinical science. And Dr. Anurag Singh is doing just that with dramatic results. They have figured out how to make a bioidentical Urolithin A which research has shown positively influences our mitochondrial health. Please join me in this episode to learn more about the research and clinical applications of Urolithin A. And if you would be so kind, leave us a review and starred rating wherever you listen to New Frontiers! ~ DrKF

Multiple Sclerosis Recovery Updates: A Conversation with Dr. Terry Wahls

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard Dr. Terry Wahls’ dramatic personal story of healing and transformation from MS, yet this powerful experience gives me chills each time. She is a true testament to the importance of food as medicine, and the tremendous ability of the body to heal itself – when given the right inputs. Listen in as we discuss how Dr. Wahls radically improved her condition (lessons we should all heed for optimal health), what she’s been up to lately (you won’t want to miss this!), and a bit about a current study she’s recruiting for. I can never get enough of Terry Wahls, and if you’re new to her story, you’re in for a tremendous treat! -DrKF

Polyphenols, Novel Probiotic Strains & Metabolic Health: The Latest in Microbiome Science

How much do we really know about the microbiome? What does it take to identify new probiotic strains and their associated health benefits? And is it time to move beyond single strains and into synergistic blends? I am grateful to be talking once again joined with the brilliant scientist and incredibly courageous entrepreneur Dr. Colleen Cutcliffe. With over 20 years experience managing and leading teams in biotech, pharma, and academia, I just love picking her brilliant brain! Colleen completed her postdoc research at Northwestern’s Children’s Memorial Hospital and got her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from John’s Hopkins, and in this episode of New Frontiers, we explore novel probiotic strains such as Clostridium bytircum, Clostridium beijerinckii & Anaerobutyricum hallii, their synergy in producing short-chain fatty acids and potential to stimulate satiety-inducing GLP-1, and so much more!

How to Be Your Own Genetic Engineer, Save Money, and Live Longer, with Dr. Michael Roizen

Dr. Michael Roizen is an extraordinarily well-read, well-researched, and experienced physician in the field of longevity medicine. He dates his first interest in the field back to 1979 as head of an intensive care unit, when he recognized that patients who were biologically younger dramatically reduced their risk for post-operative disease and death. Since then, he has worked tirelessly in many ways to help individuals get physically and mentally younger, improving the lives of patients and documenting millions of dollars of savings per year in employee healthcare costs at Cleveland Clinic. In our conversation he shares his lifestyle-forward approach, one that sits well alongside the Younger You program. Tune in to find out the importance of “posse, purpose, play, and locus of control,” how you can be your own genetic engineer, his take on emerging anti-aging interventions, and much more. As Dr. Roizen reminds us, it’s never too late to start: “until you’re six feet under, it ain’t too late to do this.” -DrKF

Stephen Sideroff, PhD podcast cover

Building Resilience for Optimal Functioning with Dr. Stephen Sideroff

Why are we often resistant to tackling stress and preprogrammed thought patterns? It’s a curious phenomenon that occurs even in those of us who really know the central role these psychological factors play in health, disease, and even aging. That’s why it’s one of the important topics I address with resilience expert Dr. Stephen Sideroff in this episode of New Frontiers. After all, a full 25 percent of the bio-age clock we used in our clinical study is driven by epigenetic patterns on stress-related genes. That means how we handle stress is intricately interwoven into how well we age biologically.

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Hydrogen Sulfide in Health, Disease & Longevity

I always appreciate a well-justified challenge to our current thinking and a chance to build a more nuanced approach that will improve patient results. And in this month’s New Frontiers in Functional Medicine® podcast, Dr. Tom Fabian delivers just that with a fascinating topic of hydrogen sulfide: a compound we clinicians typically think of as the “problem child” behind certain difficult SIBO cases. However, there is a LOT more to know about it, such as its ability to convert to potent antioxidant compounds, and its therapeutic roles in cardiovascular and metabolic disorders (diabetes and NAFLD), neurodegenerative disorders, and more.

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What to do When Autoimmune Patients Fail Standard Elimination Diets

Functional medicine providers are well versed in addressing the myriad manifestations of autoimmune disease, but while our success rates are remarkably high, we still aren’t always able to help everyone using current toolsets (labs, sophisticated elimination diets, gut protocols, and so on). Enter Mymee, a digital app and coaching platform that helps plug that gap – this sophisticated tool helps identify elusive trigger foods and lifestyle factors that may still be contributing to an individual’s disease process. Mymee’s work with COVID long-haul patients and the Mount Sinai post-COVID treatment center (long-COVID is highly autoimmune-related) is impressive and especially relevant for clinicians and patients alike. Some fascinating patterns are emerging from their long-COVID patient data that feed directly back into how to approach these cases differently. I am sure you will find this as interesting and useful a conversation as I did! Please review New Frontiers wherever you hear my voice and let us know what you think! ~DrKf

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The Evolving Tale of the Critical Role Telomeres Provide in Aging, Senescence, and Disease

It’s always a pleasure to tap into Dr. Raffaele’s brain, and in this podcast he doesn’t disappoint. In fact, his practical contextualization of where we are with anti-aging medicine might just be one of the smartest you’ve heard yet. What is truly remarkable about Dr. Raffaele is not just his grasp of the field both scientifically and clinically, but his ability to apply a nuanced approach that is tailored to each individual patient. After all, as he eloquently points out, we must first figure out which of the many components of aging needs improvement or correction, then target our approach accordingly. The simplicity of that statement belies his firm grasp of the complex landscape of anti-aging assessments and interventions, as you’ll see.

Jill Sheppard Davenport, MS, MPP, CNS, LDN podcast cover

Add Superfoods and Epinutrients to Any Diet Using Broths and Tonics

I am always excited to share new and practical ways to bring Younger You principles to your dinner table and/or clinical practice. And this podcast is especially exciting where Jill Sheppard Davenport and I dive into using broths and tonics as health-promoting and healing foods. Yes, these have been part of our natural medicine toolbox for eons, but today we discuss a new spin on this ancient medicine and turn up the volume on superfood and epinutrient ingredients for their myriad health benefits, including bio age reversal properties.

Chris Kresser Podcast Cover

Nutrient Synergy: Why Supplements Can’t Compensate a Poor Diet with Chris Kresser

Are we getting enough nutrients from our diet? And why do nutrient deficiencies persist even in those of us who are putting a lot of attention to what we’re eating? Join me and Chris Kresser as we dive into all things nutrient insufficiencies on this episode of New Frontiers. Chris is the founder of the Kresser Institute and the co-founder of the California Center for Functional Medicine. He’s the bestselling author of The Paleo Cure and Unconventional Medicine and a highly respected clinician in our space. We talk about the inadequacies of RDAs, the latest statistics on nutrient insufficiencies, the importance of nutrient bioavailability and nutrient synergy and why taking supplements on top of a really poor diet is not going to help. We also marvel at the wonders of magnesium, the interplay between vitamins D, K2 and A, and calcium plus so much more! It is a conversation filled with clinical pearls and practical implications, so get ready to take notes and tune in! ~DrKF