endocannabinoid system with Dr. Jacqueline Jacques

Episode 42: Unlocking the Potential of the Endocannabinoid System with Dr. Jacqueline Jacques

Food Source Phytocannabinoids: Hemp and Beyond. Yes, hemp & marijuana are major providers of cannabinoids, and in the FxMed space, we are extremely excited about this potent family of bioactive molecules. In particular, we are looking at CBD for indications ranging from pain to mood, inflammation, memory and more. Turns out the endocannabinoid system (ECS) extends body-wide, and similarly, phytocannabinoid sources extend far beyond hemp and marijuana.

Episode 40: Heal Your Gut, Boost Your Brain and Live Longer with Polyphenols with Dr. Randy Jirtle

Episode 40: The Epicenter of Epigenetics; Discussing the Agouti Mice Study & More with Dr. Randy Jirtle

Happy April, Everyone. The daffodils are peaking through in my yard, and a few crocuses are already popping up: Despite the snow storm last week, Spring is here! This month I was thrilled and honored to podcast with Dr. Randy Jirtle. The field of epigenetics has exploded in the last decade, initiated almost exclusively by the groundbreaking research of Randy and his colleague Robert Waterland.

Connection. Arguably one of the single biggest determinants of health, and yet something of a rare, precious commodity in this isolated, digitalized world we inhabit. This month’s blog looks at the role of connection and longevity in Blue Zones and beyond.

Episode 39: Scientific Serendipity: Beautiful Bio-Botanicals with Dr. Rachel Fresco

Episode 39: Scientific Serendipity: Beautiful Bio-Botanicals with Dr. Rachel Fresco

A lot of scientific discoveries are borne out of serendipitous moments where a brilliant idea and unmet need collide. Such is the case with one of my all-time favorite “work horse” botanical combination products, Biocidin. Listen to Dr. Rachel Fresco, founder and president of Bio-Botanical Research, talk about the story of Biocidin, the decades of interesting and on-going in-vivo and in-vitro research, and the loads of clinical reports demonstrating efficacy. Also hear about Bio-Botanical’s suite of other no less creative products, including Oliverex, Proflora4R and GI Detox.

Episode 38: HPA, Organic Acids and the DUTCH Test with Dr. Carrie Jones

Episode 38: HPA, Organic Acids and the DUTCH Test with Dr. Carrie Jones

When patients present with complex symptoms and hard-to-identify hormone imbalances, comprehensive testing can be crucial to making a proper diagnosis and building an effective treatment plan. In this podcast, Dr. Fitzgerald talks with the medical director of Precision Analytical, Dr. Carrie Jones, about new additions to DUTCH testing, including cortisol awakening response testing and six new organic acid tests.

Episode 35: Dr. Kenneth Brown KBS Research/Atrantil

Episode 35: Dr. Kenneth Brown | Atrantil / KBS Research

Dr. Ken Brown began to research compounds that could effectively treat SIBO-related bloating. The result of his work is Atrantil, the only all-natural formulation for treating SIBO-related bloating. In this podcast, Dr. Fitzgerald talks to Dr. Brown about dosing and treating patients with Atrantil, when to run further tests, and what other treatments can be used in conjunction with Atrantil to get the best results.