Poor Sleep: A Contributor to Obesity, Heart Disease & Depression

Sleep. We all need it.

But according to the National Sleep Foundation, 35% of Americans regularly report they don’t get a good night’s sleep. NSP reported that as many as 60% of people report having trouble sleeping a few nights a week or more.

Unfortunately, it may be more than just an inconvenience. We’ve all experienced sleep deprivation detrimental effect on mental and physical performance. This is a significant contributing factor to motor vehicle and work-related accidents resulting in injuries or death.


Kids’ Nutrition and Natural ADHD Strategies

Dianne Rishikof, RD, LDN, and Integrative and Functional Nutritionist talks with us about how to raise healthy kids using a foundation of sound nutrition. We love Dianne’s practical approach to working with families—really helping them navigate some of the potential challenges that stand in the way of getting kids to eat to support their own…


healthRESET Supplements Discussion

Listen to the interview here:   Romilly Hodges: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this short podcast about the supplements that we’re using for our Health Reset programs. And just to set the context a little bit, we are running quarterly, six-day, online Health Reset programs that are designed to replenish and restore your body, and also…


How Toxic Are You ? Find Out With Our Questionnaire

Excessive exposures to everyday toxins coupled with impaired detox capability due to poor diet and lifestyle are a double whammy that can contribute to impaired metabolism and chronic disease. Many symptoms can give us clues as to how toxins might be affecting us. It’s inevitable that we’re exposed to toxins in our everyday environment, since…


How to Think Like a Functional Medicine Practitioner

With a functional medicine practitioner hat on, we would see the connection differently: that inflammation is an underlying driver of both conditions (and actually a host of other conditions) and that the clinician’s role must be to identify those sources of inflammation and address them at the root.


healthRESET Testimonial

I was happy and excited to have my mom on board for our healthRESET. Listen to our brief chat post detox below! Be sure to sign up for our next detox happening soon!  


Carrageenan: An Under-Recognized Cause of Inflammation

A 55 YO male presented to our office with a diagnosis of chronic Lyme. His primary symptoms are intense, migrating myalgias. In his own research (keeping a pain diary) he makes the discovery that 15 minutes after eating “natural” turkey lunch meat, he has a profound flare in pain. An ingredient in this meat? Carrageenan.…


5 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Halloween

It’s that super spooky time of year again! My kids absolutely love Halloween—finding costumes, decorations, face paints, parties, spooky food, and treats. What kid (and young-at-heart adult) doesn’t? But, sadly, the lure of all things haunted isn’t always kind to our health. Neurotoxic lead in face paints, toxic chemicals in costumes and plastic accessories, VOCs…


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