To Go Organic or Not to Go Organic?

Written by Alexandria DeVito, MS: Alexandria is a functional nutritionist, Eating Psychology Coach, yoga teacher and personal trainer. With a background in nutrition and fitness, she brings the best of both disciplines to help clients address any areas they may want to optimize in their lives (e.g., increasing energy levels, relieving digestive distress, losing or…


An Introduction to Nutrigenomics with Jessica Pizano MS CNS

Nutrigenomics is a growing area of functional medicine and nutrition, and part of the ongoing movement towards increasing personalization of healthcare. Nutrigenomics can play an important role in uncovering metabolic barriers that may be driving symptoms, or risk factors for certain diseases, that may be addressed through diet and lifestyle.


The Skin Microbiome

The gut microbiome has gotten much well-deserved attention, likewise with the emerging focus on the oral microbiome. By comparison, research and clinical attention towards the skin microbiome has been scant


Got Cravings? It Could Be Your Gut Talking

Got cravings? Have food cravings ever left you feeling powerless? Like the time you ate a big bowl of ice cream or a piece of chocolate cake only to feel guilty about it for the rest of the day? Well, go easy on yourself – there may be a good reason why you caved in, and it has nothing to do with willpower.


Poor Sleep: A Contributor to Obesity, Heart Disease & Depression

Sleep. We all need it.

But according to the National Sleep Foundation, 35% of Americans regularly report they don’t get a good night’s sleep. NSP reported that as many as 60% of people report having trouble sleeping a few nights a week or more.

Unfortunately, it may be more than just an inconvenience. We’ve all experienced sleep deprivation detrimental effect on mental and physical performance. This is a significant contributing factor to motor vehicle and work-related accidents resulting in injuries or death.


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