Is it Safe to Use Flax Oil to Season Cast Iron Pans?

Flax oils can oxidize at seasoning temperatures, but does the polymerization process make that concern redundant? Read on to find out, and share your thoughts in the comments below. Be sure to also check out our popular article: The Safest Cookware Choices for You and Your Family


The Best of the Best – 2017 Edition

Happy almost new year folks! We are recapping on the absolute best and most popular content from the last 12 months. This covers all three primary sections on our site including content from our Professional Blog, our Consumer Blog, and of course, Frontiers in Functional Medicine Podcast. Please enjoy this round up as chosen by…


4 Post Hurricane Health Tips

If you have been through a hurricane, flood or other severe weather event, we hope you and your loved ones came through unscathed, and with minimal property damage. We know not everyone has been so lucky. Health may seem a luxury, compared with the realities of losing a home, precious possessions, food shortages, and contaminated water. Survival takes priority for a time.


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