Notes from DrKF:

If you aren’t able or willing to drink strong green tea most days of the week, you can take green tea extract in capsules. I recommend the whole plant extract versus just EGCG alone because there are many other polyphenols in green tea that are likely important in health and DNA methylation. To ensure a quality product, make sure the extract is standardized to contain the primary constituent EGCG. Green tea extract (800 mg per day for four months) was shown in one study to be as potent as medication at reducing uterine fibroids; I’ve successfully prescribed it along with the Younger You intensive to many of my female patients suffering with uterine fibroids and other conditions associated with estrogen imbalance, and it has helped them immensely.

Dosage: 500–600 mg standardized green tea extract daily (providing about 250–300mg EGCG per day, the equivalent of about cups of strong green tea) is considered safe and healthy. Take higher amounts with clinician guidance.

Klaire Labs Green Tea Extract


A whole-plant extract containing significantly higher amounts of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the most active catechin (polyphenol), compared to most green tea extracts.