Kids’ Nutrition and Natural ADHD Strategies

Dianne Rishikof, RD, LDN, and Integrative and Functional Nutritionist talks with us about how to raise healthy kids using a foundation of sound nutrition. We love Dianne’s practical approach to working with families—really helping them navigate some of the potential…


healthRESET Supplements Discussion

Listen to the interview here:   Romilly Hodges: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this short podcast about the supplements that we’re using for our Health Reset programs. And just to set the context a little bit, we are running quarterly, six-day,…

healthRESET Testimonial

I was happy and excited to have my mom on board for our healthRESET. Listen to our brief chat post detox below! Be sure to sign up for our next detox happening soon!  

5 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Halloween

It’s that super spooky time of year again! My kids absolutely love Halloween—finding costumes, decorations, face paints, parties, spooky food, and treats. What kid (and young-at-heart adult) doesn’t? But, sadly, the lure of all things haunted isn’t always kind to…

The Wonderment of Our Essential Minerals

When Dr. Richard Lord and our team were authoring the textbook Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine (LEIFM) in 2008, a major focus of mine was on the Elements Chapter. As I drilled down into the literature around minerals,…

The Sugar Scourge

When I was a youngin’ in my early 20’s, the low fat craze was gaining some serious traction. I imprinted hard on the concept. In fact, I specifically remember going to the grocery store with “low fat” in mind and…

Cell Phones: Use them, but from a distance.

In 2011, WHO categorized cell phone radiation as a possible carcinogen—with good reason. If you’re not using a head set or speaker setting with your phone, it’s time to switch. Seriously. And don’t carry your phone in your pocket- or…

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