Tomato Cauliflower Rice

If you’re short on time, this is the perfect dish to prepare in advance to enjoy with your favorite protein for an easy and quick lunch or dinner. The recipe has been adapted from a family favorite, using cauliflower in place of rice so you can get an epinutrient-rich and Younger You-approved  veggie side dish…

Epinutrient Minestrone

This soup is nothing short of an epinutrient extravaganza! Yes, it has beef liver, but it’s mixed with turkey inside a delicious meatball, so it’s not an overwhelming flavor. There is some chopping involved, but once that’s done, your labor is basically over and you’ve got five additional servings of leftovers (or four, if you’ve cooked…

Fragrant Spiced Rice

Fragrant Spiced Rice

Tantalize your taste buds and give your cells a boost with this fragrant, delicious spiced rice. I am always looking for good ways to add flavor, as well as nutrient superfoods, and plain ol’ rice is an excellent place to take advantage of all that these spices and herbs have to offer.