Okra Fries

  The humble okra is an ancient vegetable thought to originate from Africa and Asia and brought to the United States on ships during the 18th century. It is also a powerfully-nutritious food. Okra is full of soluble, mucilaginous fiber which is very healing to the digestive tract, helps to regulate bowel transit time, and…


4 Powerful Tools (You Can Start Today!) for Preventing and Reversing Cognitive Decline

Are you interested in protecting your brain function? Do you sometimes feel like you can’t think straight, or that you’re losing memory recall? Do you have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in your family and are wondering how to protect yourself from heading in the same direction? You’ve arrived at the right place.

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Research and News April 2018

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Episode 38: HPA, Organic Acids and the DUTCH Test with Dr. Carrie Jones

Episode 38: HPA, Organic Acids and the DUTCH Test with Dr. Carrie Jones

When patients present with complex symptoms and hard-to-identify hormone imbalances, comprehensive testing can be crucial to making a proper diagnosis and building an effective treatment plan. In this podcast, Dr. Fitzgerald talks with the medical director of Precision Analytical, Dr. Carrie Jones, about new additions to DUTCH testing, including cortisol awakening response testing and six new organic acid tests.