Do you have a specific issue you want to address with our nutrition team? Then our Functional Nutrition Packages are for you. Whether it is weight loss, hormone balancing, happy bellies or nutrition optimization, our experienced nutrition team can help

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Functional Nutrition Package


A Functional Nutrition consultation package to put you on your path to wellness. This package includes:

  • A full assessment of your unique health history and current situation
  • Personalized recommendations including laboratory investigations, therapeutic dietary plans, nutraceutical and recommendations and more
  • Assistance with implementing your plan, based on where you need most support

Nutrition Group Package: Immune Support


A Functional Nutrition group education package to support you on your path to immune wellness. This package includes:

  • Three live, online group sessions (60 minutes each), led by one of our lead nutritionists
  • A food plan (with handouts) that emphasizes immune-boosting and anti-microbial nutrition
  • Practical discussions and tips for implementing the dietary and lifestyle recommendations
  • Invitation to our private Facebook group to enable conversation in between live sessions

Three live, online group sessions

Option 1: Tuesdays Nov 10, 17, and 24th 6pm ET
Option 2: Friday Dec 4, 11, 18th 12pm ET