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Food plan and lifestyle guide sets the foundation for the Functional Memory Rx Program. Explains the foundation of the food plan, provides examples and easy to follow recipes. The guide also dives into the 3 lifestyle factors: Sleep, Stress Management and Exercise and provides some simple suggestions and resources.

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Improving memory and preventing cognitive decline requires setting a strong foundation addressing diet, stress, sleep, and exercise. The plan builds on the topics introduced in our Foundations Webinar and addresses the key concepts:

  1. Nutrient optimization through diet
  2. Lifestyle management to improve BDNF and hippocampus size through sleep, stress management, and exercise.
  3. Support healthy digestion, blood sugar control, hormonal balance, and reduce inflammation to support brain function through the gut (gut-brain connection).
  4. Reduce exposure to environmental pollutants and improve body’s natural detoxification pathways.
  5. Put it all together to support epigenetic changes that reduce risk of hereditary disease.

Functional Memory Rx Food Plan and Lifestyle Guide Addresses

  • Diet
  • Lifestyle modifications


Dietary Changes:

  • What to add in and what to remove
  • Sample menu and shopping guide
  • Delicious recipes

Recommendations on 3 Lifestyle Factors

  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Exercise


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