MDL Implementation Toolkit


Learn how to implement the dietary and lifestyle recommendations for the Methylation Diet & Lifestyle (MDL) with these comprehensive resources. You’ll receive detailed guidelines, recipes, cheat sheets, checklists, and planners. Everything you need to put MDL into practice.

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In this package you will receive the following resources for the EVERYDAY MDL™, MDL INTENSIVE™ and additional lifestyle prescription recommendations.


EVERYDAY MDL™ is the ultimate daily guide to eating for your genes and supporting balanced methylation. Following these principles supports:

  • Optimized genetic expression
  • Healthy aging
  • Improved methylation-related conditions
  • MTHFR gene mutations
  • Normalized homocysteine levels


EVERYDAY MDL™ Food Guide Handout. A simple reference guide to how to eat – choosing foods from each food group, eating practices and what to avoid.

EVERYDAY MDL™ Cheat Sheet (Customizable). In our practice we use this ‘cheat sheet’ as an additional handy reference guide. In addition, and since we believe that diets should be personalized, it is fully customizable so you can layer on any additional dietary variations required.

EVERYDAY MDL™ Recipe book. This full-length eBook contains the principles of the Everyday MDL food guide handout plus over 80 recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. This recipe book is also available as a standalone purchase here.



When you need an extra burst of methylation support, an MDL INTENSIVE™ is ideal. The MDL INTENSIVE™ can be used in several ways:

  • At the onset of a Methylation Diet & Lifestyle, for more intensive therapeutic support
  • Intermittently, when life events or symptom flares call for extra support
  • At regular intervals, such as for 1 week out of every month, to optimize methylation health

It is also the protocol used in the 9-week clinical trial The Effects of Diet and Lifestyle on Quality of Life and Methylation-related Biomarkers in Vivo.


MDL INTENSIVE™ Food Guide. Learn how to implement the MDL INTENSIVE™ to include a higher level of methylation nutrients and adaptogens. Since this is a powerful therapeutic intervention, find out in this guide if it’s right for you.

MDL INTENSIVE™ Daily and Weekly Checklist. Stay on track with this easy 1-page checklist to ensure you’re meeting your MDL INTENSIVE™ targets.

MDL INTENSIVE™ Shopping Guide. What we eat starts with what we buy at the grocery store. Use this handy guide to plan your food purchases to make sure your kitchen is well stocked for success.

MDL INTENSIVE™ Meal Planning Ideas. Use these handy meal planning suggestions if you need help coming up with ideas!



MDL Lifestyle Prescription. Find out what additional lifestyle changes we recommended in the clinical trial studying the effects of diet & lifestyle changes on methylation outcomes. These are easy-to-implement guidelines for exercise, stress management and sleep.

Methylation Pathways Chart. Review the biochemistry of methylation including the cycle from homocysteine to methionine, the folate cycle, the relationship between detoxification and antioxidants, and the use of SAMe as a methyl donor.

Methylation Pathways Chart with Cofactors and Allosteric Activators. Review those nutrients that act as cofactors or allosteric activators of enzymes within the methylation pathways.


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