Functional Nutrition Package


A Functional Nutrition consultation package to put you on your path to wellness. This package includes:

  • A full assessment of your unique health history and current situation
  • Personalized recommendations including laboratory investigations, therapeutic dietary plans, nutraceutical and recommendations and more
  • Assistance with implementing your plan, based on where you need most support
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For new clinic patients, this package will be assigned as a 90-minute initial telephone conversation, plus 30 minutes of follow-up time. For existing clinic patients, a bank of 120 minutes of time can be used for appointments as needed. For additional time, regular clinic rates will apply.

Our nutritionists take you further…and go that extra mile

This isn’t your average nutrition experience – all of our Functional Nutritionists are trained and experienced in personalized Functional Medicine through our clinic and the Institute for Functional Medicine.

They are able to run advanced laboratory testing, if needed, for microbiome analysis, food sensitivities, hormones, nutrient status, methylation, neurotransmitters and more. These tests are used to provide insight into underlying biochemistry that may relate to symptoms and conditions. These tests are easy to complete at home and require no blood draw. (Note that lab testing is an additional charge)

Our team is experienced in preparing nutrition plans that are uniquely personalized to your needs. They draw on the range of therapeutic diets available and may layer them as needed to optimize results. Nutraceutical supplements provide targeted and higher-level support where indicated.

Our nutrition team also has the benefit of ready access to our clinic’s Functional Medicine physicians during weekly Clinical Grand Rounds, to consult on your case at no extra charge, should that be needed.

All consultations are provided by phone or video-conference, giving you access to expert Functional Nutrition advice wherever you are.


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