Products We Love

I’m always asked to recommend quality products– for patients, friends, family and folks who find our website. Over the years, we’ve vetted countless companies. Here are a few I’ve fallen in love with and recommend or use myself!

**Some of these are affiliate links.

Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics

The cleanest, best-tasting salmon around (plus loads of other yummies, including grass-fed, organic beef). And it’s line caught: They engage in amazing conservation practices. I love this company! Shop their products here.


My “Achilles heel” in life is low back pain. I wore a brace as a child for scoliosis. Today, if I don’t stretch and keep my core strong, I experience back pain. Not surprisingly, my back is extremely finicky when it comes to my office chair. I’ve spent endless years adjusting my office chairs with pillows and pads- all to no avail. Enter Core Chair and active sitting. I purchased my own chair about six months ago, frankly expecting my back to reject it.

But lo and behold, I love it! I’m sitting on it as I type this. The Core Chair actively engages my core muscles in a gentle way. And it’s endlessly adjustable. Typing tendonitis? Gone with my Core Chair. I give this chair my highest recommendation. And they’ve got a great refund policy, too- so can give it a thorough try before you commit, just like I did. Let me know what you think. Learn more here.


I recommend the Sinupulse for all of the “toughest noses” in my practice. This is an essential tool for anyone with chronic sinus issues, it’s the “next level netti pot”.

Thrive Market

Buy all of your favorite clean & healthy products at SUPER SAVINGS. Like up to 50% off savings!! This is a no-brainer! Shop their products here.

Fossil Farms

Game meats can be an excellent source of nutrients and variety in our diet, and sometimes are an important alternative for those with sensitivities to beef, chicken or pork. We like Fossil Farms for their commitment to animal welfare (which improves nutrient quality), and their no-antibiotic and no-hormone policy.

Mother Dirt

Spritz on MotherDirt’s probiotic as a healthful way to restore your skin’s microbiome or try it (as a part of an overall Fx plan) for skin conditions such as eczema, acne or psoriasis. We love MotherDirt J it’s well-tolerated even for the MOST sensitive skin (as is their shampoo and cleanser).

Mother Dirt

Less EMF

EMFfree has a good selection and a decent price point for their products. I appreciate FINALLY having some realistic options for reduction in EMF exposures. Shop their products here.

Tick Tubes

Here in the North East US, the risk of exposure to Lyme Disease is unfortunately high. I love these tick tubes since they are a safe way to effectively reduce the number of ticks in your yard and therefore reduce the risk of you or your family contracting tick-borne illnesses. Order them here.

Aquasana & Multipure Drinking Systems

I love the Multipure and Aquasauna water filter systems. I recommend charcoal systems, not reverse osmosis. Aquasauna has a great price point for their Claryum triple filtration system, and Multipure’s under-the-sink charcoal filter is a Cadillac system that I’ve used for years.

Rumba IRobot Vacuum

A patient of mine with a history of chronic sinusitis and dust allergies has done great with the Rumba IRobot programmable vacuum– they can schedule it to run daily- it gets into nooks and crannies, apparently. He reports improvement after they initiated the Rumba- better than their cleaning alone.

Fisher Wallace

I recommend the Fisher Wallace e-stimulator in my practice for a wide range of indications, including depression, insomnia and pain. I appreciate that they have a trial program so folks can determine if this approach works for them before making the investment.

Allergy Buyers Club

Allergy Buyers is a handy, one-stop-shop for everything around allergy, chemical sensitivity, and clean living. Find air filters, HEPA vacuums, nasal irrigation systems, cleaning products and more.


Beautycounter creates safer and effective skin care and cosmetics for women and families.

We’ve enjoyed the beauty counter product line. It seems they’re doing a great job designing clean product that feels good going on and works. We’re asked for recommendations on super clean skincare all of the time, check out beauty counter.