The New Nutrigenomics – Embracing Complexity, Moving Upstream

Nutrigenomics has been one of the biggest trends in Nutrition and Functional Medicine in the last decade. Here are what I consider the most compelling reasons why: The understanding that nutritional factors influence gene transcription and expression The background work of Bruce Ames, and myriad papers since, showing that high dose cofactor nutrient supplementation can…


The U-Shaped Curve of Iodine

Iodine deficiency is the leading cause of preventable mental retardation worldwide and it negatively affects every stage of human development. Given the importance of this mineral and its ubiquitous presence in seafood, it’s natural to assume…


Heal Your Gut, Boost Your Brain, and Live Longer With Polyphenols

We’ve discussed briefly, the power of polyphenols and their superpowers in improving athletic performance, among many of their many touted benefits. Scientists and docs have noticed people with polyphenol-rich diets generally had better health. Studies have found polyphenols to be good at fighting diseases, and in particular, degenerative diseases.


The Wonderment of Breast Milk

Mother’s milk may be one of the most important panaceas of all time – a true miracle maker with research showing breast milk helps prevent blindness, necrotizing enterocolitis, sepsis, and death in premature infants. Amazing, right?


The Best of the Best – 2017 Edition

Happy almost new year folks! We are recapping on the absolute best and most popular content from the last 12 months. This covers all three primary sections on our site including content from our Professional Blog, our Consumer Blog, and of course, Frontiers in Functional Medicine Podcast. Please enjoy this round up as chosen by…


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