Elemental Diets: Case Studies and Clinical Application for IBD

Below, you’ll see videos from Dr. Gary Weiner, ND. It so happens that I literally just met Gary (like, 20 minutes ago we were chatting it up about stool, breath and organic acid testing for SIBO). But before that, I watched him deliver a terrific lecture on the science & history behind the elemental diet (ED), and as important, his extensive clinical experience of said diet.


Methylation Adaptogens: Spotlight on Exercise

This article originally appeared on NDNR.com Up until now, we’ve been putting a heavy emphasis on supplementation with B vitamins, betaine, choline and other substrates and cofactors for methylation support. However, there are a number of other and perhaps unexpected ways in which we can balance methylation expression (both metabolically and genetically). This includes preventing…


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