Expanding Our View on Leaky Gut: Beyond the ON/OFF Idea

What’s in your leaky gut protocol? Perhaps it’s time to expand beyond basic diet and 4/5-R supplements… did you know that many more factors influence permeability, including specific food bioactive compounds, hormones, microbes, antigens, additives, pesticides, mold, and lifestyle practices? Read on for our extensive list of intestinal barrier modulators, and find out why we don’t think of leaky gut as an ON or OFF state.


The Methylation Diet and Lifestyle – an Introduction

Up until now, having a gene SNP in methylation enzymes (such as MTHFR), elevated homocysteine, or before and during pregnancy, has typically prompted the use of supplemental methylation cofactors such as B12, folate, B6 and betaine. Often at higher level doses. Yes, it’s right to correct or avoid too little methylation activity in the body,…


The Skin Microbiome

The gut microbiome has gotten much well-deserved attention, likewise with the emerging focus on the oral microbiome. By comparison, research and clinical attention towards the skin microbiome has been scant


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