It has been some time since we hosted the Racial Disparity in Medicine webinar in July (thanks to Metagenic’s endless support). That authentic conversation, awareness, and inspiration is still evident in our personal and professional lives and is the stimulus behind our endless efforts for equity. Even though the cries for racial justice may have quieted in your social media feed, here at DrKF FxMed we’re working hard to get it right in our corner of the world, both professionally and personally.

And we’re not alone.

We’re proud and grateful to see IFM leading the way: the faculty for their COVID training program, Resistance, Resilience and Recovery; Patient Care in a Pandemic is incredibly diverse, and the newly appointed Board of Directors adds diversity long overdue. We are grateful for Amy Mack’s leadership as IFM’s CEO, and all the work transpiring in the functional community. We meet regularly with Amy to see how we can work together on these larger initiatives.

Amy recently shared IFM’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) goals:

To become an organization of excellence, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) will become part of the work and the way the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) does business – at the level of the board, executive team, and staff.

In addition, knowing that this work cannot be done alone, IFM is currently developing an External Task Force, comprised of functional medicine practitioners who will help inform the work of reducing health disparities, engaging in underserved communities, and updating our curriculum to ensure it’s delivered without bias.

IFM aims for a more inclusive future for IFM and the functional medicine field through a commitment to embody this change in the organization and be a collaborator / partner in our collective responsibility for change in the ecosystem.

These goals are right on target, and we pledge to participate and harness the DrKF team and platform to align with IFM’s initiatives and support as much as possible. And we are also excited to see our colleagues at the AMA (American Medical Association) share their commitment and adopt policies recognizing race as a social construct just this week.

My team and I are working on our own “in house” goals: engaging consultants to help realize our vision to create a more inclusive and accessible space for clinicians, patients, and our local community. We are listening and learning, and seeking members of our community to aid in the discovery process. This is a soul-changing journey (not one to take lightly) and while we press forward, sometimes slower than I want, rest assured our dedication has not – will not – waiver.

We look forward to all that is to come and will do our part to keep the pace.

To be continued.


Our goal is to develop and implement an action plan to address structural racism and other forms of exclusion and oppression within our own spheres of influence: our clinic and our larger Functional Medicine community.


In order to ensure we are taking the most meaningful and impactful approach, we have developed a four-phase roadmap to develop and implement this plan (see below).

Scroll down to see our updates on this page as we begin to implement this roadmap. We welcome input from you, our valued community, in the comments below or via email to

I am deeply inspired by the movement that is unfolding. Addressing social inequality is something that we passionately want to do and get right – as providers of healthcare our participation feels essential. However, it’s a learning curve for all of us and we’re likely going to make inadvertent mistakes along the way. If we do, please feel free to let us know. And please know that our intentions are good – we want to learn and to make this a lasting change that benefits all.” – DrKF

Four-Phase Roadmap for Change
Road Map for Change Graphic
Current Activity and Progress

Last updated: December 18, 2020


Phase 1

  • Identifying experts, thought leaders, ideas and input for change – in progress
    • Roundtable discussion with Functional Medicine leaders including Dr. Safiya McCarter, Dr. Aluana, Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. Patrick Hanaway to identify the ways in which we can bridge the gaps created by racial disparities.

Webinar info

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Phase 2

  • Action plan drafting (in progress)
  • Some initiatives already ongoing:
    • Sharing expertise and information on racial inequality as it relates to healthcare and FxMed on this site and social media channels – in progress

We are working diligently on enhancing our level of inclusion and diversifying our message, platform, and content. If you or someone you know would make for a great guest on our New Frontiers podcast and are part of an underrepresented group, we would be honored to collaborate. Please email for more info.

Phase 3

(not yet initiated)

Phase 4

(not yet initiated)

Additional Resources

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