Our “6R” Program: Six Steps to Save Your Health Through Your Gut

Our “6R” Gut Program: Six Steps to Save Your Health Through Your Gut

Have you tried everything to heal your gut? Or, are you just getting by with a chronic condition like an autoimmune disorder, eczema, or arthritis? Maybe you’ve “gone Paleo,” made buckets of bone broth, said “sayonara” to sugar and gluten, and made friends with sauerkraut. You might have a stockpile (or cabinet!) of digestive enzymes, vitamins, herbs and probiotics… Yet, you are not much better off.

Are You a Hospitable Host to Your Microbial Partners?

Are you enriching their lives with good, healthy food choices and lifestyle habits or are you angering your trillions of guests, pushing them towards causing disease? I wrote my thesis in medical school on stealth infections, where I concluded that health had much to do with how well we tended our microbial garden… I was…

3 Essential Nutrients Gut Bugs Create for Us

Those gut microbes are one busy “organ!” Aside from honing our immune system, balancing our metabolism, protecting our gut lining, neutralizing pathogens, and helping our brain function, did you know that these little critters are also making nutrients for us to use… One such nutrient is folate, which is a critical nutrient for methylation pathways…

Close up of a selection of colorful donuts. Focus is on middle row.

We Are What Our Gut Bugs Eat

A patient named Barbara bounded into my office. She threw herself into a chair, and looked at me with eyes of terror, guilt and shame. I knew from her countenance that it was confession time. She launched into her story, retelling an all-too-familiar tale: She hadn’t stuck with her anti-inflammatory diet. Her food cravings, she explained, were out-of-control, and she was miserable….