Let’s Get Moving! WHO Updates Exercise Guidelines for All Ages

People of all ages, from kids to older adults, are encouraged to limit sedentary behavior and increase daily exercise, according to updated guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO). These guidelines, which replace 2010 WHO recommendations, highlight the importance of combining aerobic plus strength training, and include guidance for pregnancy, postpartum women, and individuals with…


Medications May Undermine Weight Loss Efforts in Diabetics

New research adds to our existing knowledge and experience that some medications may inhibit weight loss, even when lifestyle interventions such as diet and exercise are prioritized. The Look AHEAD randomized study followed over 5000 middle-aged diabetic participants for 13.5 years and found overweight or obese participants taking obesogenic medications, or drugs that tend to…

Eating Too Quickly? You’re Increasing Your Risk for Metabolic Syndrome

You’ve likely heard of the many reasons to eat slowly, including improved digestion, increased satiety, decreased overeating, and even weight loss. But did you know that eating too quickly can contribute to a higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome (MetS)? New research indicates that fast easting speed is significantly associated with increased odds of developing MetS independent…


4 Powerful Tools (You Can Start Today!) for Preventing and Reversing Cognitive Decline

Are you interested in protecting your brain function? Do you sometimes feel like you can’t think straight, or that you’re losing memory recall? Do you have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in your family and are wondering how to protect yourself from heading in the same direction? You’ve arrived at the right place.