Spelt and The Many Shades of Gluten Reactivity

Dr. Elke Cooke, one of the bright-light participants in our current Professional Education cohort, called our attention to spelt. As Dr. Cooke argued, even though it does contain some types of gluten proteins, spelt may in fact be an option for some gluten-reactive individuals. Read on to find out why, and how to go about determining gluten-reactive individuals who may potentially be able to tolerate spelt.

Episode 12 Always Hungry A Conversation with David Ludwig MD PhD

Episode 12: Always Hungry? A Conversation with David Ludwig, MD PhD

As a clinician measuring urine, serum and salivary hormone levels in my patients routinely, I’ve always got questions around which testing method is the best. Thus, I was excited to chat with Mark Newman and pick his brain on all things hormone testing. As he says, “I’m an inch wide and a mile deep. I’ve spent pretty much my whole career in measuring reproductive and adrenal hormones.”

Cashew Mayo

If you’re dairy-free or egg-free, you’re going to love this. This is a versatile, creamy-smooth dressing that suits many applications. Use it as is instead of mayo (in fact, we like to call it “nayo”), or add more liquid for a creamy dressing. You can also dress this up with herbs, or add it into…

Organic Sugar Body Scrub

  As a nutritionist, I’m normally cautioning people against sugar, but this is one use that I can fully endorse! I’ve made many batches of this super-easy-to-make scrub in the past, and my latest this morning was with peppermint – zingy! I just love that what I’m putting on my body is completely safe and…