Higher Serum Chemicals Linked with Celiac Disease

Having increased exposure to environmental chemicals, such as those found in pesticides, non-stick cookware, and fire retardants, is positively associated with increased incidence of Celiac Disease. Specifically, young individuals with high serum levels of dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (DDE) are twice as likely to have developed Celiac Disease. When looking at females only, the risk is even greater…

Environmental Toxins and Cognitive Decline: 6 Steps to Reduce Your Risk

  This article is part of an ongoing series, where we cover different causes, testing methods, and treatment protocols for Cognitive Decline. Learn more here. Did you miss our presentation? Webinar: Detoxification & Cognitive Decline Risk *the recording is available at no charge, click the link below for free access  Register HERE     Toxins: Understanding the…

Man buttoning suit

Say It Ain’t So! The Standard American Diet (SAD) is Feminizing Our Men

I was reading an article the other day lamenting that men in the US are being all feminized due to the politically correct environment in which we apparently exist. But is this the issue? Can we blame politics for hypogonadism? I think not. However, I do agree wholeheartedly that there is a change occurring.