Elemental Diets: Case Studies and Clinical Application for IBD

Elemental Diets: Case Studies and Clinical Application for IBD

Below, you’ll see videos from Dr. Gary Weiner, ND. It so happens that I literally just met Gary (like, 20 minutes ago we were chatting it up about stool, breath and organic acid testing for SIBO). But before that, I watched him deliver a terrific lecture on the science & history behind the elemental diet (ED), and as important, his extensive clinical experience of said diet.

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth & Gluten Sensitivity Often Found in Interstitial Cystitis Patients

Commentary from Jessica Drummond (podcast on Chronic Pelvic Pain):  When working with interstitial cystitis (IC) clients, this study shifted my thinking from simply applying “the IC diet” as a strategy for reducing IC symptoms to looking for the root cause of the IC as a potential manifestation of another more systemic issue such as SIBO,…

Asian child girl maintains her lips,skin care and protection, chapped lips,dry mouth that have lost moisture,beautiful female teenage applied balm to repair her lips in winter cold,woman with natural lip balms

SIBO and Chapped Lips: A Connection?

It’s winter. Chances are that if you live anywhere cold and dry, your lips have been chapped at least once this season. For most of us, we slather on the lip balm and all is well. But for some folks, the chapped lip experience is an entirely different animal: A relentless cycle of peeling and healing, peeling and healing that no amount of lip balm resolves. Lips are fissured and inflamed, making…