healthRESET Testimonials
What our Customers say

I am so BLOWN AWAY by how beautifully and thoroughly you created this program!! I feel not only educated, but inspired. The videos, in combination with the handouts, make the process so easy to follow. The detailed Symptoms Questionnaire, Daily Log and Shopping Lists are so helpful, and I love that you included a reminder to think about what we’re grateful for every day.

I feel lucky to be able to participate in this. It all feels so nurturing for myself – which helps a lot with my difficult goal of increasing my daily self-care.

Thanks so much for creating this program and I’ll let you know how it goes! I’ll start supplements today and begin the program in 2 days.

Wow!! Just, wow. Thank you.


Supplements were easy to take and the smoothies — even with raw kale added — were delicious! Group contact by conference call and online with other detoxers and with the nutritionist and naturopathic physician leading the program was a real plus. I plan to participate again.


A detox program that took the onerous out of detox, this short but thorough program included education about why and how to detox. Meal suggestions were generous with a focus on all the possible choices to eat, rather than on what was not allowed.


My diet is very clean but with small amount of dairy. And yet I lost 3 lbs on the healthRESET. Could the small amount of dairy be altering my metabolism?


My eyelid swells and becomes itchy sometimes. This has stopped happening.


The brain fog is gone. I can think clearly again and really be productive and present in my work and home life. I’m delighted!


I developed a yeast infection following a course of antibiotics, and it wouldn’t quit! It’s gone now, after the healthRESET.


I had perimenopause breast tenderness. It was awful and no amount of progesterone or estrogen-balancing botanicals helped. Six days on the healthRESET resolved it, and one month out, it hasn’t returned. Amazing.


“I discovered that if I eat right for breakfast, I don’t crash during the morning and start reaching for unhealthy snacks. I had so much energy on this program that I could get much more done and really enjoy time with my family

SO, UKBusy, full-time career Mom

I have not been hungry on this program at all. And I stopped craving snacks at night, which is a nice change. Even by half way through I had lost 3 lbs.


I loved the fact that the program was structured and included really helpful materials such as recipes, shopping lists, optional menu plans and the workbook. The group contact and daily reminders were very helpful.


It blew my mind that I could feel satiated eating this way. And that my muscle pain literally disappeared. When I tried going back to my previous way of eating all that pain returned, so I have become very motivated to continue what I’ve learned.