Clinic Testimonials
What our clients say

I am so happy to have found Dr. Fitzgerald, Romilly and Rhonda who all care about my well being. My life has changed for the better and I will continue whatever staff recommends so I can enjoy my family and feel great.

Victoria O

I wanted to find the root cause for my health concerns, to treat the primary cause and not the symptoms. Dr. Fitzgerald’s approach is radically different. She is tuned in to me. She responds to me within 24 hours. The intimacy of working with Dr. K is different than the yearly physical.

John J

Dr. Kara is passionate about both healing and educating her patients. The patient is always involved in the healing process, not simply a number. I would recommend the services of Dr. Fitzgerald with my whole heart. Her approach to the healing of the whole person is evident in every aspect of her expertise.

Tommy L

Dr Fitzgerald has helped me more than any other doctor in my life, and I am 68. I appreciate her systematic approach to diagnosis and her respect for my not wanting pharmaceuticals. She has truly pays attention and asks many good questions. Her treatment protocol relieved most of my chronic pain. I wish more doctors integrated the approach Dr. Fitzgerald takes. The description of her practice says it all: Evidenced-based integrative medicine!


Dr. Fitzgerald has saved my life and because of her I can help others. She is a mentor, a dear colleague, and a true healer and her compassion, intelligence, and knowledge surpass most. I have her in my heart and mind every day and can never thank her enough.


Now, I can exercise regularly without discomfort and look forward to the retirement time that I worked so hard for. Dr. Kara’s mantra was “stay the course,” I did, and so far, SO GOOD! Thank you, Dr. Kara, keep up your caring for others like me …


We were lucky enough to find Dr Fitzgerald, we are getting to see our REAL son; the silly, vocal, lively, kind-hearted 5 year old boy. We look forward to our sons continued progress in the care of Dr Fitzgerald and we are hopeful that one day he may even lose his autistic diagnosis!


Dr. Fitzgerald has a functional approach that is unusual in the medical community. I am just so grateful for the help & support returning from chronic fatigue syndrome to health!


I have regained much of the vigor of my early adult life. The focus of our health care system should be the preventive health care practices we trumpet, but we never seem to be able to launch. Hopefully, health care reform will place more emphasis on preventive measures making it less necessary for desperate people to seek traditional medical treatments for severe illness.


My quality of life has significantly increased/improved since seeing Dr. Fitzgerald. Now I take supplements and eat healthy food instead of the 6 prescriptions I used to take. I have been able to maintain my weight and improve my overall health.


My pain doctor suggested I consult with Dr. Fitzgerald. Brilliant! Working with her, we discovered that my sensitivity to gluten was responsible for the fatigue and “yucky” feelings. The mild, but lingering discomfort not controlled by pain medication dissipated entirely.


What I have said and will continue to say is that Dr. Fitzgerald’s innate instincts and understanding, along with her sensitivity and kindness is an absolute winning combination. Her staff is completely reliable and up to snuff.

Gary R