Dr. Kara Fitzgerald's Office Our Office Is OPENED! Telemedicine and tele-nutrition options will continue - NO first office visit required CONTACT OUR CLINIC Functional Medicine Physicians More Details Here Ken Litwin MD IFMCP / Lizzie Bird MD IFMCP* *Dr. Bird also offers shorter, problem-focused appointments for individuals up to age 26 Functional Medicine Nutritionists Romilly Hodges CNS IFMCP / Lara Zakaria CNS IFMCP / Gretchen DePalma MS CNS COVID19 COVID-19 Clinic Info and Resources During this unprecedented pandemic, it’s good to take a step back, breathe, and remember that we’re not helpless in its path. Our clinic has launched various ways in which we can support you and your loved ones at this time... LEARN MORE FOR PROFESSIONALS FOR CONSUMERS The latest podcasts, newsletters/blogs,
research & news all geared toward
the functional medicine professional.
The latest podcasts, newsletters/blogs, research & news all geared towards you, the consumer. LEARN MORE LEARN MORE
Workspace: Team Of Diverse Workers Put Hands Together Social Inequality and CHANGE ROADMAP
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