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The Glycocalyx and Nitric Oxide:

Revolutionizing Endothelial Health

Vascular dysfunction is prevalent, and increases with age. There are implications not just for the heart but for every organ and system in the body. This talk highlights three interconnected upstream factors for protecting vascular health:

– The critical role of the endothelial glycocalyx
– The importance of nitric oxide in human health and longevity
– The underappreciated, mutually dependent signaling molecule: hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Join Dr. Kara Fitzgerald and expert clinician and researcher Myles Spar, MD, as they discuss how the endothelial glycocalyx is damaged, how that affects the body’s responses to vascular insults, and how to protect this critical structure. In addition, he will cover the role of the glycocalyx in nitric oxide production, and the importance of sustaining healthy levels of nitric oxide 24 hours a day.

By using synergistic, innovative interventions that optimize production, storage, and elimination of nitric oxide and its cofactors and protectors, long-lasting support is possible.


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