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The Mushroom Mindset: Enhancing Cognitive Function with Longevity Epinutrient Ergothioneine


What causes age-related cognitive decline and how to support it are important questions without adequate or complete answers.

And many of us are constantly searching for more effective ways to support our patient’s age-related cognitive decline!

As we delve into the depths of cognitive health, one relatively unknown and underappreciated compound emerges as a beacon of promise: ergothioneine.

This extraordinary molecule found abundantly in mushrooms, may hold the key to preserving and optimizing cognitive function in aging populations. Researchers have even called ergothioneine “a longevity vitamin” because of its potential to prevent or mitigate chronic diseases of aging [PMID: 33244403].

In this webinar, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald and Lee Carroll, Medical Herbalist with over 35 years of experience, will explore the cutting-edge research surrounding mushrooms and ergothioneine, and discover how these natural wonders can revolutionize our approach to cognitive well-being and brain health.

Dr. Fitzgerald and Lee will also host a Q&A at the end of the live webinar and the recording will be available for a limited time only to registrants. Sign up for free below.


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