Melissa Parker, MS CNS CDN


Melissa Parker, MS CNS CDN

Melissa Parker, MS CNS CDN, is a Certified Nutrition Specialist. During a decade-long career in the fashion industry she completed a comprehensive certification program in the Pilates method. Shortly thereafter, she received a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. She is also one of the nutritionists for the Younger You Diet and Lifestyle Program detailed in Younger You by Dr. Kara Fitzgerald.

Having firsthand experience with challenging health issues, multiple surgeries, musculoskeletal injuries, and hormone imbalance has propelled her keen interest in preventative nutrition, endocrine and metabolic disorders, GI dysfunction, and women’s health. Her background in fitness and movement supports her ongoing affinity for nutrition interventions aimed at enhancing physical performance.

With an emphasis on finding the “root cause” of health issues, she believes that personalized whole food-based nutrition plans and lifestyle interventions offer patients a holistic, truly optimized healthcare experience. Her focus on functional, evidence-based dietary and lifestyle improvements helps patients achieve and maintain their health goals.

Melissa resides in Connecticut with her husband, two children when they are home from college, and beloved diva cat Tatiana. In her free time, you can find her exploring outdoors, doing Pilates and yoga, listening to music, concocting smoothies and juices, and sharing her favorite vegan recipes.

  • Certified Nutrition Specialist, CNS (BCNS)
  • Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist by the State of Connecticut (CDN)
  • Master of Science in Human Nutrition (University of Bridgeport)
  • Certified Pilates Instructor and Member (Pilates Method Alliance)
  • Content contributor at
  • Contributor to Younger You authored by Dr. Kara Fitzgerald
  • Younger You Intensive Virtual Program group lead