Drug-Free Relief for Seasonal Allergies!

Seasonal allergies can be miserable. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you already know that they can really affect your quality of life and happiness.

Not only that, but seasonal allergies can be a symptom caused by an underlying immune imbalance, that isn’t addressed by anti-histamine medications alone.

If you want to really understand where your seasonal allergies are coming from, and address them at the root with Functional Medicine and Nutrition, this program is for you.

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What You’ll Get With This Program

You’ll receive our Seasonal Allergy Relief Program eBook Guide, that explains each aspect (or “R”) of the 6R program. You’ll learn how to use food, supplements, and lifestyle to start living allergy-free. We also provide easy-to-follow tools in our Program Toolkit including Eating Guidelines, Anti-Reactive Recipes, Supplement Instructions and additional Resources. You’ll be able to download all of the materials in PDF format so that you can keep them with you for reference.

Your paid purchase also includes professional-grade, natural and safe nutraceuticals that we use for ourselves and our patients. We have done a deep investigation of their quality and integrity, to make sure that we’re only recommending the very best products. Read on below to see which supplements are included.

My Comprehensive 6R Program for Immune Balance

My Seasonal Allergy Program is based on my teachings at the Institute for Functional Medicine, where I train other Functional Medicine practitioners on these approaches to seasonal allergies. This is a comprehensive and effective way to rebalance your immune system and address seasonal allergies at their root cause.

The 6R program addresses all aspects of immune dysfunction that relate to seasonal allergies. It is the basis for the work that I do with my own patients who need seasonal allergy support, and I am delighted to be able to share it with you through this online format.

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Your purchase of DrKF’s Seasonal Allergy Relief Program includes the following supplements, designed to provide foundational support for reduced allergy symptoms.

Natural D-Hist is a targeted blend of flavonoids, antioxidants, proteolytic enzymes and botanicals designed to provide comprehensive support for seasonal challenges caused by common environmental allergens. The formula includes quercetin, bromelain, stinging nettles leaf, and N-acetyl cysteine.

Natural D-Hist

Ortho Biotic 100 is a high-dose probiotic delivering 100 billion active cultures that assist in proper immune and barrier function.

  • Balances Immune System Function
  • Strengthens the Gut-Immune Barrier
  • Promotes Inflammatory Balance
Ortho Biotic 100
Buy the Seasonal Allergy Relief Program $150.00

Purchase Notes

As soon as you purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to access your program materials. Included supplements will go into our dispatch queue; please allow up to 14 days for delivery. Domestic shipping within the USA is free, international shipping is available.

If you have ingredient allergy concerns, click here for more information: Supplement allergy info

Note: The supplements used in this program are not for you if you are pregnant or nursing, or for use in children. We recommend you consult with your physician before making dietary or supplement changes. This program does not replace appropriate medical care and should not be construed as diagnosing, preventing or treating any condition.

Buy the Seasonal Allergy Relief Program + Premium Upgrade $295.00

If you purchase my Seasonal Allergy Relief Program + Premium Upgrade you will receive everything in the Seasonal Allergy Relief Program plus this additional barrier-healing and histamine-blocking supplements. Perfect for serious allergy sufferers.

Immune health begins in the gut. A healthy gastrointestinal (GI) tract has an epithelial mucosal barrier that prevents the passage of food antigens (proteins), toxins, and microorganisms from crossing into the bloodstream and creating immune distress.


Our immune system can be disturbed by particles presented through the GI tract that provoke systemic immune reactions and worsen seasonal allergies. Betaine and pepsin help break down potential antigens in the gut so that they are rendered non-reactive, and regulate the gut microbial communities to avoid imbalances that can disturb overall immune function.

Betaine and Pepsin

Further support for antigen breakdown comes from Digestzyme-V, is a comprehensive blend of acid-resistant, plant-based enzymes designed to help maximize the digestion and absorption of immune-balancing and anti-histamine nutrients from food.


In our program, you’ll learn how vitamin C reduces seasonal allergic reactions, and how to use it if you experience acute symptoms.

Buffered Lemon C Powder
Buy the Seasonal Allergy Relief Program + Premium Upgrade $295.00