Notes from DrKF:

In 2018, this methylation adaptogen was shown to be beneficial as a senolytic agent in old mice and in human tissue, meaning, it made the mice immunologically younger and less inflamed. Other animal studies show fisetin to be antioxidant, anti-tumerogenic (anti-cancer), cardio- and neuro-protective and anti-inflammatory. A small study looking at inflammatory markers in colon cancer patients showed benefit at only 100 mg/day. Stay tuned for larger human studies.

Dosage: 100 mg per day.

Life Extension Bio-Fisetin


Fisetin has extensive health benefits and is a methylation adaptogen.* But much of the fisetin you ingest turns into inactive metabolites through the digestive process. Life Extension created a formula that helps preserve fisetin, so you get the maximum benefit.*

Restorative Formulations Senolytic Px


This unique combination of phytonutrients features the bioactive flavonoid fisetin, fenugreek seed, and quercetin blended with black pepper to enhance bio-availability in the gastrointestinal system.