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From the Desk of Dr. Kara Fitzgerald. The scale of the cognitive decline problem that medicine faces today is unprecedented: it is one of the top 10 causes of death and has no effective treatment within conventional medicine. As Dr Bredesen says – “we all know a cancer survivor, but no one knows an Alzheimer’s survivor.”

Functional Medicine, however, DOES have answers. Thanks to the persistent work of researchers in this field we’re learning that when we address the cognitive decline issue with a full systems medicine approach we can see notable improvements– that means looking at diet, gut function & integrity, hormones, blood sugar & insulin sensitivity, and supporting detoxification. With this model, we are seeing symptoms of cognitive decline improve dramatically!

It’s important to note that this Fx approach isn’t limited to just later stage cognitive decline. This approach is ideal for anyone interested in optimizing brain function and prevention! Genetic factors like APOE markers and family history do play a role in risk, and we should be paying attention, but your genes are not your destiny. Thanks to the surge of research in epigenetics, we know that the most powerful influence on your risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia, are modifiable lifestyle factors. You control your future by committing to making these powerful lifestyle changes addressed in our programs.

I couldn’t be more delighted and proud to see the results that our own Dr. Litwin and Nutritionist Lara Zakaria are achieving in preventing and addressing cognitive decline. Their backgrounds and experience in this field make them ideally suited to work within this area of specialty. You can see their passion and attention to detail in the course design of the Functional Memory Rx. So, if you’re looking for a holistic “prescription” to optimize your brain health and improve your memory and performance, you’ve come to the right place.

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Functional Memory Rx eBook Download


Food plan and lifestyle guide sets the foundation for the Functional Memory Rx Program. Explains the foundation of the food plan, provides examples and easy to follow recipes. The guide also dives into the 3 lifestyle factors: Sleep, Stress Management and Exercise and provides some simple suggestions and resources.

Foundations Package


Foundations Package

This is a self-guided package has been designed to address the overwhelming response to provide education around supporting cognitive health with the foundational tools you need to address Cognitive Decline. Included is our comprehensive eBook, Foundation Webinar 60 minute recording, and our top 5 recommended supplements to support cognitive health.

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Contact our office to learn more about available opportunities to work with our clinic in Connecticut and virtually.
Our full Functional Medicine approach looks at the interface between the system and the environment. Our assessment takes into account factors that include physiological, environmental, psychological, lifestyle and spiritual influences. Beyond the basic labs and signs of cognitive function, our clinicians look “up-stream” to identify and address root causes and triggers including GI function, microbiome integrity, toxins, infections, to name a fe
Systems Medicine is an integrative approach to medicine that looks at the body as a whole – focusing on the interplay between genetics/epigenetics, biochemistry, cellular and physiological structure. Our clinicians address Cognitive Decline not as an isolated case of “broken brain,” but rather by addressing and balancing the whole, interconnected organ systems. Our approach takes into consideration your bio-individuality and needs in designing personalized plans.
We chose interventions that have been validated by research and established clinically. This extends to everything to all the interventions in our program including the supplements we recommend, the therapeutic diet and other lifestyle modification we prescribe. We do our homework so you are empower to make the right changes to improve your cognitive health.
Our supplement recommendations are selected to meet to highest standards of efficacy, purity, and quality. We carefully select nutritional support reported by current research as most valuable for cognitive health, and we stand behind brands with the highest manufacturing standards. When it’s time to work on-on-one with our clinicians beyond the foundational support formulas, your supplement protocol is hand-picked to fit your precise needs.

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