Notes from DrKF:

Because liver is such a methylation superstar (it’s like a methylation multivitamin in a food matrix)—and because it’s something not many people consistently eat two to three times a week—I recommend a liver supplement that can help you tick this important box without actually buying, preparing, and eating liver. Specifically, liver contains folate, B12, choline, B6, protein, copper, and preformed vitamin A in fairly concentrated amounts. 

Dosage: Up to 1500 mg per day (which provides the nutrients found in about ½ ounce of bovine liver).

Allergy Research Group Liver Beef


Liver is a methylation-supportive superfood*, but we want to ensure a high-quality source. This liver is derived from government-inspected, range-fed animals, raised in New Zealand and Australia, whose animal husbandry regulations are among the strictest in the world.