Notes from DrKF:

Quercetin is a great antihistamine that we prescribe with luteolin for our most allergic patients. Quercetin, as a senolytic agent, is also an anti-aging rockstar. Next to resveratrol, it is probably the most studied polyphenol in aging research.

What’s a senolytic agent? Senolytic agents are nutrients or drugs that halt the aging process by specifically inhibiting the accumulation of senescent cells (SC)—these are cells that stop dividing but don’t get recycled. SCs accumulate as we age, doing considerable inflammatory damage themselves and also dumping toxic debris into circulation that contributes to the diseases of aging.

Dosage: 500–1000 mg per day.

Big Bold Health HTB Rejuvenate


HTB Rejuvenate contains several bioactive longevity and immune-supportive nutrients including Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat, vitamin C, quercetin, and luteolin. Tartary buckwheat also contains HMB, an anti-aging compound good for building muscle and supporting brain function.*

Tomorrow’s Nutrition SunBalance


We like SunBalance for its combination of luteolin and quercetin, as well as palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), which research suggests may be neuroprotective and immune balancing.*