Cortisol & Sleep: The HPA Axis Activity Connection

Cortisol & Sleep: The HPA Axis Activity Connection

Cortisol and Sleep: The HPA Axis Activity Connection. Research in this area has been bursting forth recently, so I’m thrilled to feature a sponsored blog from Integrative Therapeutics written by one of my mentors, Tori Hudson, ND. You’re likely familiar…

Dr. Alex Keller, ND

Leveraging Technology to Evolve Your Dispensary

This month’s sponsored blog from our friends at Fullscript, offers a great solution to this common problem. Specifically, from Alex Keller, ND, who, as the medical director at Fullscript and a practicing clinician himself (in addition to organic farmer), has…

Janine Henkel

Functional Medicine for First Responders

I remember the exact moment when thought “Man…I really need a new career”. I was 4 months pregnant and got into a knock down, rolling-in-the-dirt kind of fight. I was at work as a police officer. We got a call…


Spelt and The Many Shades of Gluten Reactivity

Dr. Elke Cooke, one of the bright-light participants in our current Professional Education cohort, called our attention to spelt. As Dr. Cooke argued, even though it does contain some types of gluten proteins, spelt may in fact be an option…


Our Team’s Favorite Kitchen Tools

If you’re looking for a great gift idea for your loved ones, check out this round up of our team’s favorite kitchen tools (see how many times we can say Vitamix, ha ha!). In this list you’ll find ways to…

Getting to the Bottom of Chronic Pelvic Pain

Getting to the Bottom of Chronic Pelvic Pain

Chronic pelvic pain affects many of our patients and we already have powerful tools to produce dramatic improvements in these patients. Based on my interview with Jessica Drummond, MPT, CCN, CHC, a systems-based approach is ideally suited to help resolve…

Allulose – New Sweetener on the Block

Allulose – New Sweetener on the Block

When a nutritional supplement has been studied in more than one dose for one or more indications, it’s imperative to decide what the best starting dose should be in a typical case. This seems simple; however, even reviewing the same…

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