Beets are a methylation superfood for a specific phytonutrient they contain – betaine. This important methyl donor plays a big role in keeping methylation cycles humming. Some delicious recipe options include:

Oven baked beet chips   Beet tahini sauce   Beet-Beef Burger and Salad

If you don’t like beets, however, or find it difficult to regularly consume them, a beet supplement is a good alternative.

Dosage: Take according to the product directions

Metagenics Creatine UP


Creatine is often used by athletes, but can also be a useful “backdoor” methylation support supplement, especially for those who don’t tolerate B vitamins well, and those with cognitive decline, muscle loss, fatigue, or extra energy requirements.* This supplement also contains betaine, another highly useful DNA methylation-supportive compound.