About the Mouth From The Gut

Everything You Need to Know About the Mouth, You Already Learned from the Gut

It’s high time a solid, clinician and consumer-friendly book is delivered on the oral microbiome, is it not? Cass Nelson- Dooley began researching the topic years ago, and is now arguably one of the foremost leading experts on integrative interventions for oral health. I interviewed her on New Frontiers years ago, and she’s blogged previously on oral endotoxemia.

Cass Nelson-Dooley, MS

Comparing the Oral and Colon Microbiomes-Abstract

Commentary From Cass Nelson-Dooley (Podcast on Oral Microbiome): This a great study about the Human Microbiome Project comparing microbes through ALL points of the GI tract. It revealed some interesting things about normal, healthy subjects. For instance, they have oral bacterial pathogens, but no disease! This finding disputes the one bug-one disease paradigm (Koch’s Postulates). …