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FDA Acknowledges Risk of Mercury-Containing Dental Amalgams for Certain Groups of Individuals

The FDA has updated their recommendations regarding potential risks associated with mercury-containing dental amalgams in high risk individuals. It is unusual for regulatory bodies to acknowledge variable levels of vulnerability in our population. The high-risk groups the FDA recommends avoiding dental amalgams include: Pregnant women and their developing fetuses; Women who are planning to become pregnant; Nursing…

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Addressing Root Causes of Neurodegenerative Diseases with Dr. Dale Bredesen

I very much enjoyed my conversation with Dr. Dale Bredesen – from his story of finding functional medicine (it’ll resonate with many of you, as it did me, I’m sure) to where the ReCODE program is now (pay attention to the large clinical trial now underway and the refinements of Dr. Bredesen’s thinking over the last decade), and the launch of The End of Alzheimer’s Program (a goldmine resource for clinicians and regular folks alike). Links on the podcast show notes page, be sure to check them out. Thanks for listening!