Epinutrient Minestrone

This soup is nothing short of an epinutrient extravaganza! Yes, it has beef liver, but it’s mixed with turkey inside a delicious meatball, so it’s not an overwhelming flavor. There is some chopping involved, but once that’s done, your labor is basically over and you’ve got five additional servings of leftovers (or four, if you’ve cooked…

Versatile One-Pan Veggies

Versatile One-Pan Veggies

Versatile One-Pan Veggies recipe is from Janine Henkel, MS, CNS, CN, one of our resident nutritionists. With today’s busy lifestyle, basic principles of a healthy diet can get easily lost to other priority tasks. Janine ensures that meals are based on simple, practical and delicious recipes, which motivates even the busiest professional, parent or those…


Paleo Sweet Potato Parsnip Kugel

Our appetizer table was always piled with latkes, pan-fried mini mounds of shredded potatoes. And the entree table was usually topped with kugel, larger mounds of shredded potato baked in a casserole dish in the oven. Needless to say, I also assumed having scabby knuckles by the end of Hanukkah season was an important cultural part of being Jewish.