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Vitamin D Deficiency Increases Risk of Severe COVID Infection & Mortality

More research confirms that maintaining optimal vitamin D levels is extremely important for reducing the risk of infection with SARS Cov-2. A six-week observational study of 154 people published in Nature found that 97 percent of individuals with severe COVID-19 had vitamin D deficiency (mean concentration was 14 ng/mL) compared to 33 percent of people…

Boost your Vitamin D Levels to Reduce COVID-19 Risk

Vitamin D is a superstar nutrient for supporting the immune system and reducing the risk of a cold, flu and acute respiratory tract infection. Researchers are now linking low vitamin D status (less than 20 ng/mL or 18 pg/mL, respectively) to an increased risk of COVID-19 in a study published this week. Vitamin D levels were tested in nearly 500 patients…

COVID case brief using a Functional approach

From DrKF – What’s especially interesting in this case is the less common symptom of oral ulcerations, responded well to frequent saline/iodine gargles. We are seeing several cases like this demonstrating a rapid resolution of symptoms and no complications in healthy individuals.   Case clinician: Romilly Hodges CNS Presentation: 45 y/o F in good general…

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Say It Ain’t So! The Standard American Diet (SAD) is Feminizing Our Men

I was reading an article the other day lamenting that men in the US are being all feminized due to the politically correct environment in which we apparently exist. But is this the issue? Can we blame politics for hypogonadism? I think not. However, I do agree wholeheartedly that there is a change occurring.