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Advances in Curcumin Bioavailability and Improved Absorption for Patients

The therapeutic value of curcumin makes it a fabulous recommendation as both a foundational and medicinal supplement. And since finding a preparation that is bioavailable is key to efficacy, affordability, and patient compliance, I’m excited to have Dr. Sonia Malani (on behalf of Integrative Therapeutics) here to talk about the latest advances in curcumin deliverability and why it matters. Join us as Dr. Malani breaks down the progress of curcumin deliverability and the keys to bioavailability in a way that is simple to understand and easy to pass on to our patients in order to help them move away from the ineffective brands that are currently lining the shelves of local markets so they get the therapeutic influence we are hoping for. I know you’ll enjoy this curcumin talk, and learn a ton from this latest research. Thanks for listening! ~DrKF

Evaluating Hormonal Dysfunction and Infertility with DUTCH Testing

If you’ve followed my show for some time, you’ve probably come across the wealth of conversations I’ve had with the team at Precision Analytical about their DUTCH hormone tests – this is an ever-evolving topic that continues to pique my interest as a clinician looking to level up my toolkit. In today’s show, I’m pleased to dive into some of my favorite topics of fertility, menopause, and HPA function with Dr. Jaclyn Smeaton, ND. She’s the chief medical officer at Precision Analytical, and a naturopathic physician who specializes in reproductive endocrinology and hormones. Today’s conversation is all about the latest research on hormone testing, some of our favorite interventions to address hormone imbalances and much more as you consider the best testing options for your patients. This is an incredibly useful conversation so make sure to tune in! ~DrKF

The Role of NAD+ in Aging, Chronic Disease, and Epigenetics with Dr. Nichola Conlon

New Frontiers in Functional Medicine® Podcast Sponsors Dr. Kara Fitzgerald is eternally grateful to our sponsors who, by blogging, podcasting and advertising with us, enable me and my team to devote energy and time to writing and publication. The Role of NAD+ in Aging, Chronic Disease, and Epigenetics with Dr. Nichola Conlon New Frontiers…

Gut Healing in Aging & Disease: Emerging Roles of the Microbiome and Diet in Intestinal Barrier Regeneration with Tom Fabian, PhD, CNTP

If you’re a practitioner looking to level up your toolkit for regenerating the intestinal barrier and healing the gut, then this interview with Dr. Tom Fabian, PhD is exactly what you need. This fundamental piece of our functional medicine toolkit continues to progress, and today we’re zooming way out from just patching up the gut. Dr. Fabian and I dive into the dynamic nature of the barrier, including its circadian cycle, the role of prebiotics, polyphenols, probiotics, and postbiotics in epithelial regeneration and stem cell proliferation, and useful clinical pearls to assess barrier function using the GI-MAP stool test. So glad to have Tom back on New Frontiers, and Im sure you will be too! Let me know what you think! ~DrKF

Reframing Microbiome Support for Functionality, with Dr. Heather Zwickey

I first met Dr. Heather Zwickey when she was my immunology professor in medical school and made sure to stay in touch with her ever since. Her command of the microbiome literature is frankly unparalleled – and I can always learn more from her and this podcast proves it. Join me in this New Frontiers conversation about the latest perspectives on the microbiome, and a great discussion of all things pre/post and parabiotics. We also get into the rise in autoimmunity conditions post-Covid and ways one can mitigate the risks of these conditions. Smart, timely, and always engaging – I know you’ll think so too. ~DrKF

Optimizing Mitochondrial Health with Urolithin A, with Dr. Anurag Singh

I always appreciate talking to companies who heavily invest their time and dollars into preclinical and clinical science. And Dr. Anurag Singh is doing just that with dramatic results. They have figured out how to make a bioidentical Urolithin A which research has shown positively influences our mitochondrial health. Please join me in this episode to learn more about the research and clinical applications of Urolithin A. And if you would be so kind, leave us a review and starred rating wherever you listen to New Frontiers! ~ DrKF

Polyphenols, Novel Probiotic Strains & Metabolic Health: The Latest in Microbiome Science

How much do we really know about the microbiome? What does it take to identify new probiotic strains and their associated health benefits? And is it time to move beyond single strains and into synergistic blends? I am grateful to be talking once again joined with the brilliant scientist and incredibly courageous entrepreneur Dr. Colleen Cutcliffe. With over 20 years experience managing and leading teams in biotech, pharma, and academia, I just love picking her brilliant brain! Colleen completed her postdoc research at Northwestern’s Children’s Memorial Hospital and got her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from John’s Hopkins, and in this episode of New Frontiers, we explore novel probiotic strains such as Clostridium bytircum, Clostridium beijerinckii & Anaerobutyricum hallii, their synergy in producing short-chain fatty acids and potential to stimulate satiety-inducing GLP-1, and so much more!

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Hydrogen Sulfide in Health, Disease & Longevity

I always appreciate a well-justified challenge to our current thinking and a chance to build a more nuanced approach that will improve patient results. And in this month’s New Frontiers in Functional Medicine® podcast, Dr. Tom Fabian delivers just that with a fascinating topic of hydrogen sulfide: a compound we clinicians typically think of as the “problem child” behind certain difficult SIBO cases. However, there is a LOT more to know about it, such as its ability to convert to potent antioxidant compounds, and its therapeutic roles in cardiovascular and metabolic disorders (diabetes and NAFLD), neurodegenerative disorders, and more.

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The Evolving Tale of the Critical Role Telomeres Provide in Aging, Senescence, and Disease

It’s always a pleasure to tap into Dr. Raffaele’s brain, and in this podcast he doesn’t disappoint. In fact, his practical contextualization of where we are with anti-aging medicine might just be one of the smartest you’ve heard yet. What is truly remarkable about Dr. Raffaele is not just his grasp of the field both scientifically and clinically, but his ability to apply a nuanced approach that is tailored to each individual patient. After all, as he eloquently points out, we must first figure out which of the many components of aging needs improvement or correction, then target our approach accordingly. The simplicity of that statement belies his firm grasp of the complex landscape of anti-aging assessments and interventions, as you’ll see.

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Latest Evidence and Clinical Applications of Akkermansia with Dr. Colleen Cutcliffe

Many of us in the functional medicine space are thinking about Akkermansia: what exactly makes this gut bug a keystone strain for health and longevity? I am excited to tackle this with a founder of Pendulum Therapeutics, Colleen Cutcliffe, PhD, an excellent scientist and a leader in biotech. Her passion to help her daughter, and many others, overcome food sensitivities inspired Colleen to use biotech and research to develop products that have the efficacy of a drug, but the safety of a probiotic. We cover it all, and then some! Enjoy, and let me know what you think. ~DrKF