Shiitake pate

Shiitake Vegan Pate

Adapted from Eco Parent Magazine This vegan-friendly pate packs some of our favorite epigenetic superstars into a tasty recipe that can be spread on a slice of our Life-Changing Loaf of Bread, enjoyed with your favorite crackers, or served with some sliced veggies. Here’s some of the science behind how this recipe really delivers: Shiitake…


Okra Fries

  The humble okra is an ancient vegetable thought to originate from Africa and Asia and brought to the United States on ships during the 18th century. It is also a powerfully-nutritious food. Okra is full of soluble, mucilaginous fiber which is very healing to the digestive tract, helps to regulate bowel transit time, and…

Fragrant Spiced Rice

Fragrant Spiced Rice

Tantalize your taste buds and give your cells a boost with this fragrant, delicious spiced rice. I am always looking for good ways to add flavor, as well as nutrient superfoods, and plain ol’ rice is an excellent place to take advantage of all that these spices and herbs have to offer.