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Research and News January 2019

Improperly Primed Immune Systems Cause Long-Term Problems Including Cancer
Practical Implementation of Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT)
Measuring Circadian Disruptions will Allow us to Better Evaluate Interventions
Essential Oils and Plant Extracts Block Aflatoxin Production
How Ancient Remedies are Changing Modern Medicine
Connecting Choline, Methylation Health and Alzheimer’s Prevention
Mainstream Doctor Laments Poor Nutrition Training on CNN

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Research and News November 2018

Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer – When Will We Know?
What are Microplastics and Why Are They in Your Poop?
The Important Role of TET Enzymes in Methylation Status and Gene Regulation
Indicators and Assessment of Increased Intestinal Permeability
Raw Fruits and Vegetable Consumption May Reduce Depressive Symptoms in Young Adults
Paraben Exposure Increases Asthma Symptoms in Children
Should You be Feeding Your Kids Your Paleo Diet?

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Research and News October 2018

Genomics as Only One of Multiple Precision Medicine Methods
Scientists Argue for Microbiota ‘Vault’ to Protect Long-Term Human Health
Correlation Between Epigenetic Methylation and Osteoporosis
Flaws in the Lancet Meta-Analysis of Vitamin D for Bone Health
Benefits of Ketogenic Diets Mediated via Gut Microbiome
Proceeds from Health Data Sales Could Soon Come to You
Large Prospective Study Supports Organic Foods Choices to Lower Cancer Risk
Liverwort Cannabinoids May Be Therapeutically Superior to Cannabis
Do ApoE4 Brains Have a Harder Time Utilizing Glucose?

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Research and News September 2018

Glutamine for IBS-D and Preventing Chronic Effects of Acute Gastroenteritis
Long-Term Air Pollution Exposure Associates With Increased Rates of Cognitive Decline
Ketogenic Diet May be Useful for Melanoma
Exercise is Essential to Prevent Age-Related Muscle Lost
The Role of Microbes in Skin Barrier Integrity
Evidence for Food Sensitivities in Autoimmunity
Supplement Quality – Attention is ALWAYS Needed
Not in our Breast Interests – Silicon Implants Associated With Adverse Health Outcomes

The New Nutrigenomics – Embracing Complexity, Moving Upstream

Nutrigenomics has been one of the biggest trends in Nutrition and Functional Medicine in the last decade. Here are what I consider the most compelling reasons why: The understanding that nutritional factors influence gene transcription and expression The background work of Bruce Ames, and myriad papers since, showing that high dose cofactor nutrient supplementation can…

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Research and News July 2018

Consider EoE a Component of the Allergic March
Evidence for Time-Restricted Feeding
Rising Fasting Insulin Triggers Weight Gain, Even as Glucose Levels are Normal
Juice is as Bad as Other Sugar Sweetened Beverages
Regular Air Travel May be Linked With Cancer
Better Nutrition = Better Asthma Control
Connections Between Digital Media and ADHD
Kids’ Slime May Contain Unsafe Levels of Boron
For Your Memory’s Sake, Don’t Hold That Phone to Your Head

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Research and News June 2018

Benefits of Ketogenic Diet Depend on Microbiome
Connecting Gut Microbiome SCFAs with Endogenous Insulin Production
Ketogenic Diet for Atrial Fibrillation?
Sleeping in Darkness May Improve Insulin Resistance
Simple But Effective – Baking Soda For Immune Flares
Probiotics Acting Like Vaccines Against Infectious Agents
Button Battery Ingestion – Honey Reduces Harmful Effects
Exercise Changes Genetic Propensity to Obesity