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Research and News November 2017

Acetaminophen use before and during pregnancy increases ADHD risk
21 percent rise in peanut allergy since 2010, black children have double the risk
Oral Allergy Syndrome Associated with Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Excess B vitamins aren’t ‘harmlessly peed out’
Any regular alcohol intake may raise lifetime cancer risk
“Old fashioned” diets protect against leaky gut and autoimmunity
Gut dysbiosis plays a role in MS onset and progression
Choose a park over the mall to reduce fatigue and restore attention

The Cortisol Awakening Response with Mark Newman, MS

Episode 32: The Cortisol Awakening Response with Mark Newman, MS

Mark Newman is the founder Precision Analytical and the developer of the DUTCH test, one of the most accurate and patient-friendly measures of sex hormones on the market. The test eliminates the need for multiple types of testing by using dried urine to measure sex hormones, hormone metabolites, and free cortisol. Free cortisol is a key indicator of the health of the HPA axis — and having that measure, alongside a measure of sex hormones and their metabolites, gives providers more information so they can achieve better clinical outcomes.

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Research and News October 2017

Inability to smell peppermint? A clue to early-stage dementia
Fluoride and reduced IQ – more, compelling data
Nail in the coffin for high carb diets? Large Lancet study says so.
Why caloric restriction extends lifespan – the EPIGENETIC key
Broccoli compounds prevent leaky gut
Fathers’ diet and lifestyle create heritable epigenetic traits
Asthmatic children overprescribed antibiotics
The secret to thriving, not just surviving
Methylmercury in infant rice cereals
Manipulating mitochondrial networks for healthy aging

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Research and News August 2017

Health effects of excess blue lights and how to choose healthy lighting
Why choose change? The pros and cons of body acceptance
Understanding the risks and benefits of mammograms
Some tuna fish carry 36 times more chemicals
Adult food allergy – an identification challenge for clinicians
Phthalates increase risk for allergic disease
Compound in broccoli blocks allergic response to peanut and egg
Gadolinium from MRIs deposits in the brain
Highest vitamin B6 and B12 use linked with lung cancer in men 
Microbes and food allergy—peanut oral immunotherapy improved with probiotics 

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Research and News July 2017

Omega-3 fatty acids and Alzheimer’s prevention
The role of gut permeability in the onset of autoimmune disease
Love keep us healthier
Leaky teeth? Root canal endotoxins, mental health and quality of life
Parkinson’s Disease can start in the gut
When a gluten-free diet isn’t enough for Celiac Disease
Phthalates in your mac and cheese
Odd effects of Faecal Transplants
Got Interstitial Cystitis? Treat the Gut.
Titanium dioxide in food exacerbates IBD
Binge drinking thins your brain
Social connection—more important than exercise?
Call for the EPA to evaluate low dose effects of endocrine disruptors