The New Nutrigenomics – Embracing Complexity, Moving Upstream

[embed_popupally_pro popup_id=”18″] Nutrigenomics has been one of the biggest trends in Nutrition and Functional Medicine in the last decade. Here are what I consider the most compelling reasons why: The understanding that nutritional factors influence gene transcription and expression The background work of Bruce Ames, and myriad papers since, showing that high dose cofactor nutrient…

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Research and News July 2018

Consider EoE a Component of the Allergic March
Evidence for Time-Restricted Feeding
Rising Fasting Insulin Triggers Weight Gain, Even as Glucose Levels are Normal
Juice is as Bad as Other Sugar Sweetened Beverages
Regular Air Travel May be Linked With Cancer
Better Nutrition = Better Asthma Control
Connections Between Digital Media and ADHD
Kids’ Slime May Contain Unsafe Levels of Boron
For Your Memory’s Sake, Don’t Hold That Phone to Your Head

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Research and News June 2018

Benefits of Ketogenic Diet Depend on Microbiome
Connecting Gut Microbiome SCFAs with Endogenous Insulin Production
Ketogenic Diet for Atrial Fibrillation?
Sleeping in Darkness May Improve Insulin Resistance
Simple But Effective – Baking Soda For Immune Flares
Probiotics Acting Like Vaccines Against Infectious Agents
Button Battery Ingestion – Honey Reduces Harmful Effects
Exercise Changes Genetic Propensity to Obesity

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Research and News May 2018

The Hunt Continues for Mitochondria’s Bacterial Origins
Data Published on VLCD for Type 1 Diabetes Indicates “Exceptional” Benefit
Probiotics Work for Prevention of C. Difficile after Antibiotics
Saunas May Reduce Stroke Risk
Can A Toothpaste Replace Allergy Shots?
A Surprisingly Easy Tip for Addressing Candida
The Role of Inflammation and Microbes in Endometriosis
Clearing Up The Vitamin K – Anticoagulant Confusion

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Research and News April 2018

Risk for Having a Second Autoimmune Condition Increases with Age of Onset
Acrylamide in Foods and Cigarettes
Increased Risk for Atopy in Infants Given Antibiotics or Acid-Suppressants  
An Easy Way to Meet Early-Allergen Introduction Guidelines for Infants
Dementia Prevention Must Include Physical Exercise
2018 Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 – Useful Despite Controversy
Paradoxical Effects of Rhodiola Dosing
Beyond Organic? Introducing Regenerative Organic
Surprising Potential Benefits of Rifaximin for the Gut Microbiome
Hot Tub Therapy for Weight Loss, Insulin Sensitivity and Reduced Inflammation

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Research and News March 2018

Gluten Free Diets Get a Bad Rap Again
Yoga as Beneficial as Low FODMAPs for IBS
Folic Acid in Utero and Increased Food Allergy Risk
The Genetics of Perception Diversity
The Connection Between Lone Star Tick Bites and Mysterious Meat Allergy
Acne Linked with Dairy Intake – A Reminder
More Isn’t Always Better – Treating Subclinical Hypothyroidism in Elderly May Increase Mortality
Caution Over Newly-Approved BRCA Testing Through 23andme

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Research and News February 2018

Connecting the dots between in utero exposure, later health conditions and methylation
Antibacterial mouthwash increases risk for diabetes, modulates nitric oxide
Helpful vs Harmful Microbial Exposures—Getting The Balance Right
Bed Bugs Release Histamine That Can Affect Reactive Patients
A Reminder About High Fructose Sweeteners
IV Vitamin C for Sepsis?
JAMA Meta-Analysis of Fish Oil for CVD; Issues Haven’t Changed in Five Years